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Pre-insulated duct market trend of Brazil

Pre-insulated duct market trend of Brazil


Pre-insulated duct market trend of Brazil

The Brazilian market, with regard to pipelines, is extremely diversified. There are conventional ducts, of the galvanized steel (GI duct) sheet type, coated with thermal insulation or not, depending on the application. Also the “spiral” duct, which are made of galvanized steel sheet, in a circular or oblong format. Galvanized sheet steel ducts are generally joined by flanges, keys, and others.

Normally, ducts made of sheet metal (galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or black plate) meet specifications where requirements demand this type of duct design. They are the most conventional ducts, long used in our industry and commerce.

Although new in Brazil, the MPU system, which represents a real revolution in the manufacture of ducts, has been used in Europe for over 20 years. Unlike the traditional system, where the ducts are insulated after fabrication, in the MPU system these are already pre-insulated. This is because the panels used in the MPU system are manufactured from two sheets of aluminum pre-insulated with rigid polyurethane foam (PUR).

But the novelties of the MPU system are not restricted to ducts. In order to make it easy for the market to assemble networks, MPU has developed the most complete line of profiles and components for installing any accessory in ducts, such as diffusers, dampers, inspection doors, among others.

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How it works?

The MPU is a non-improvised system. Everything has been thought of, from how to cut the panels to their installation. In fact, the MPU system offers different construction methods, which make it possible to adapt to all types of work.

Advantages of MPU Duct:

Perfect thermal insulation:

The MPU pre-insulated panel has excellent thermal resistance. A 20 mm polyurethane foam panel is equivalent to a thickness of 33 mm of glass wool or 31 mm of elastomeric rubber. Another advantage is its rigid structure that guarantees uniform insulation thickness.


Due to the constructive shape of the MPU ducts, longitudinal leaks were eliminated. To join the duct sections there are 2 options: invisible profile and tongue-and-groove, both with excellent watertightness. Another factor that contributes to better watertightness of MPU ducts is the possibility of making duct sections of up to 4 meters. The ducts in MPU pre-insulated panels meet the strictest standards and watertightness classes (NBR 16401/2008). This directly translates into reduced energy consumption, helping the sustainability of the air conditioning system.

Less load loss:

The low roughness of the MPU panel in combination with the reduced number of connections keeps the distributed loss at very low levels. The ease of building curves, veins, reductions, etc. it also allows the execution of projects with reduced localized head loss.

Weight reduction:

The MPU system weighs approximately 1.2 Kg/m2, which allows it to often be installed without an auxiliary structure.

In addition, load reduction allows the use of lighter supports and at longer intervals, significantly reducing the cost of support, installation labor and accidents.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):

The oil-free aluminum surface ensures substantial improvement in indoor air quality. The MPU duct was tested with 20 consecutive brushing cleaning procedures, and they were kept under normal use conditions. MPU Clean has an active principle with nanotechnology that fights bacteria, preventing the formation of colonies inside the ducts.

Sustainability and Profitability:

MPU ducts are highly sustainable. First, it takes less energy to manufacture them. Compared with a metallic duct plus glass wool, the energy reduction can reach 50% per m². Polyurethane foam is an excellent thermal insulation. During its lifetime as a thermal insulator, it can save 70 times the amount of energy needed to produce it.

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