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How to operate the air conditioning and ventilation system safely during the epidemic?

How to operate the air conditioning and ventilation system safely during the epidemic?


How to operate the air conditioning and ventilation system safely during the epidemic?


1. Basic principles

1.1 Strengthen regional and personnel management to avoid cross infection

During the epidemic, internal divisions should be clarified and management should be strengthened, especially the management of public areas such as halls, kitchens, restaurants, and toilets. Property, cleaning and other service personnel should perform their respective duties to avoid cross-infection caused by internal personnel flow.

1.2 Do a good job in the disinfection of key areas and key equipment

During the epidemic period, the cleaning, disinfection or replacement of air handling equipment in the air conditioning and ventilation system should be strengthened. Parts that tend to collect dust and bacteria such as air filters, surface coolers, heaters, humidifiers, and condensate pans should be regularly disinfected or replaced. Key areas such as kitchen, bathroom, and air-conditioning room should be disinfected regularly.

1.3 Strictly control entrance and exit management to prevent pollution sources from entering

During the epidemic period, the management of personnel and items at the entrance and exit of buildings should be strengthened to avoid the entry of pollution sources.

1.4 Improve the ventilation capacity of buildings

According to the configuration and use requirements of the building's air conditioning and ventilation system, the ventilation and ventilation capacity of the building should be maximized by opening the air supply and exhaust system, increasing the fresh air volume of the air conditioning system, and reasonably opening the external windows.

1.5 Fresh air operation to prevent return air pollution

According to the requirements of GB50365, the national standard "Operation Management Standard of Air Conditioning and Ventilation System", during the epidemic period, the air conditioning and ventilation system should be operated under the condition of fresh air to prevent cross-contamination caused by return air.

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2. General Provisions

2.1 Find out the status quo and eliminate hidden dangers

The building manager should organize relevant personnel to inspect and evaluate the current status of the air-conditioning system in order to formulate a scientific and reasonable operation plan.

(1) Sort out the air-conditioning and ventilation systems, clarify the types of air-conditioning and ventilation systems in each functional area, and the service floors and rooms associated with each system.

(2) Check to confirm that the air-conditioning ventilation equipment is operating normally, and the operating parameters and control functions are normal.

(3) Check and confirm that the fresh air intake of the unit is taken directly from the outside (rather than from the machine room, corridor, and ceiling), and the surrounding area of the fresh air intake should be clean and free of pollution sources.

(4) Check and confirm that there are no abnormal openings and gaps in the air system pipeline, and there is no wind cross or short circuit.

(5) Check to confirm that the relevant valves, filters and other components are functioning normally.

(6) Confirm that air filters, surface coolers, heaters, humidifiers, condensate pans and other parts that are prone to accumulation of dust and bacteria have been cleaned and disinfected, and air filters have been cleaned or replaced.

(7) Check the dust accumulation and mildew at the air outlet of the air conditioner, and organize cleaning and disinfection work.

2.2 Formulate a special operation plan

Before starting the air-conditioning and ventilation system, the operation manager of each building should find out the characteristics and current situation of the air-conditioning and ventilation system, and formulate an operation plan during the epidemic according to the nature of use of the building. Responsible. For possible emergencies, risk analysis and safety assessment should be carried out in advance, emergency plans should be formulated in conjunction with professionals in air conditioning and ventilation systems, and long-term emergency measures should be formulated.

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