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Air Conditioning Faults & Maintenance tips

Air Conditioning Faults & Maintenance tips


Air Conditioning Faults & Maintenance tips


Faults due to disuse of the Air Conditioning

Not using things is as harmful as using them wrongly, the air conditioning equipment tends to be off for many months, especially in the winter months it can cause breakdowns, some devices only work one month a year, this disuse is just as harmful than misuse, because the mechanisms are filled with dust and dirt, the tubes are punctured and the gases pass, condense, or escape.

Maintenance is important even if the equipment is not in use. Make sure your equipment is in perfect condition before the hot season begins, if your equipment is not in good condition, in addition to not working, it may work incorrectly, consuming more energy and giving worse results.

Remember, timely maintenance can save you a lot of money, because the sooner incidents are detected, the less serious they are, because if they are left they can cause more serious and damaging breakdowns for your equipment, increasing the price of the repair.


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The most common breakdowns in air conditioning equipment are:

The air comes out of room temperature from the air conditioning unit and does not come out cold.

Water comes out of the equipment inside the house.

The leads jump when the air conditioning is turned on.

Causes unusual noises.

Does not turn on the air conditioning equipment or turns on and immediately turns off.

The thermostat does not maintain a constant or defined temperature.

Compressor not working.

There is no gas in the air conditioner or it is leaking.

The digital display indicates an error or an alarm light goes off.

Some areas of the house are hot.

Do not hesitate to contact our air conditioning technical service to carry out a review of your air conditioning equipment and you can be sure that the equipment will work correctly throughout the hot season.


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Maintenance tips

Maintenance in the Air Conditioners

Why is good maintenance important for an air conditioner?

Air conditioning maintenance is important for several reasons.

By performing regular maintenance on the air conditioning, we will ensure that it works in perfect condition and we can prevent some of the most common breakdowns caused by use, it is also possible to reduce the consumption of the equipment without losing comfort.

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How to perform a good air conditioning maintenance?

To perform proper maintenance, follow these steps:

Air conditioning maintenance. Keep the air conditioning filters clean, these filters are in the indoor unit where the unit takes in the air from inside the house, if these filters are dirty the unit will work harder to obtain the air necessary for the air conditioning process, thus increasing the consumption of the air conditioning equipment. In addition, if the filters are very dirty or broken, it is possible that the air expelled by the equipment is not completely clean.

Make sure that the condensate outlet is free and not clogged, if this tube becomes clogged for any reason, the water produced by the condensation will begin to come out from another place, and normally the only place it finds is the Split itself, so It is possible that the water ends up in the living room of your house. To prevent this, it is enough to make sure that the tube is well, and that if we collect the water in a bottle it does not fill up and that the mouth of the tube does not get covered by the water level.

Even if maintenance is carried out periodically, it is recommended that an air conditioning repair company carry out an annual review before the hot season to check that everything in your air conditioning equipment works well, has enough gas and can work without any problem.

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