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Handling of equipment noise exceeding standards in construction

Handling of equipment noise exceeding standards in construction


Handling of equipment noise exceeding standards in construction

1. Equipment installation

The installation of fresh air systemsand air conditioning units should use spring damping dampers; fan and air duct connection should use soft connection; fresh air units and water pipes should use soft joint connection; fan coils should use spring hooks; fan coils and water pipes should use hose connection.

The air conditioning room should be sound-absorbing processed, such as the use of sound-insulating materials in the air conditioning room made of enclosure structure to prevent the outward transmission of equipment noise, or paste sound-absorbing materials in the room; use concave and convex acoustic panels as the room walls or ceiling panels to enhance the sound-absorbing effect; the room should minimize the setting of doors and windows, and the setting of doors and windows should be acoustic doors and windows or acoustic shutters to minimize the outward transmission of equipment noise.

2. Water pipe installation

Water pipe installation should strictly implement national norms: The hangers of chilled water main pipes and chilled water pipes should be spring vibration damping hangers, and the hangers cannot be fixed in the floor, instead should be fixed in the beam as far as possible, or fixed by erected channel steel crossbeam between the beam and the beam.

Water pipes through the floor or over the wall must use casings, and it should be fill with fire-retardant materials between casings and water pipes.

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3. Air system installation

The production and installation of air ducts should be constructed in strict accordance with national specifications: impedance mufflers should be installed at the inlet and outlet of air units; muffler louvers should be used at the inlet of fresh air; mufflers should be set at corresponding parts of air ducts; muffler elbows should be set at the elbow parts of air ducts; the exterior of air conditioners and fresh air mufflers should be insulated with high-quality insulation materials, and like plenum boxes, high-quality sound-absorbing materials should be affixed inside.

Since the air ducts are all adopting low air speed and large air volume to reduce noise, the cross-sectional area of air ducts is relatively large, and if the strength of air duct installation and its overall rigidity are not enough, friction and vibration noise will be generated. It is recommended that duct hangers be applied with rubber damping pads as far as possible to ensure that the duct does not produce vibration noise.

4. Installation of refrigeration water pipe main bracket

During construction installation it is found that noise will be transmitted along the refrigeration main, with the passage of time, will bring some damage to the operation of the equipment. After research and testing, making improvements on the rigid bracket, that is, adding up spring dampers on the original main rigid bracket, vibration and noise can be effectively eliminated by spring-loaded dampers between the floor and the rigid bracket. Most of the projects that have adopted this process have received good results, so it is recommended that the construction companies concerned also use this process in construction to eliminate noise the supply and return water main pipes and chilled water main pipes in the engine room.

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