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4 Tips to choosing a CNC duct Fabrication Machine

4 Tips to choosing a CNC duct Fabrication Machine


4 Tips to choosing a CNC duct Fabrication Machine 

In the past few years, we’ve collected opinions from more than 100 customers in duct fabrication business. Some of them are still using hand cutting, some of them are using machines to cut. We asked them what are their concerns when choosing a CNC machine, and what features they are looking for in a machine. Their opinions matters to us.

We sincerely hope everyone gets the machine that works perfectly well, increases efficiency, and saves time and money. Here are some tips to purchasing a CNC duct fabrication machine for you to avoid any regrets in the future.

1. Strength of Knives

Please make sure they’re hard enough to cut duct boards.

Because some machines initially are used to cut soft materials like fabric, fiber glass.

      This is one of a key component that identifies a duct cutter and a fiber glass cutter.

CNC duct fabrication machine

2. Computerize

CNC refers to Computer Numerical Control – Taking digitized data, a computer and CAM program is used to control, automate. It can monitor the movements of a machine. There are many types of CNC machine, for example, welder, milling machine, lathe, router, grinder, laser ect. There are also cutter, sheet metal stamping machine, robot, or many other types of CNC machines.

Industrial machines usually has a sophisticated feedback system that constantly monitors and adjusts the cutter’s speed and position. The computer is an on-board dedicated controller for larger industrial machines. The computer is an external PC if used in more hobbyist types of machines. A series of motors and drive components are used to move and control the axes of the machine, executing the programmed motions.

        Because you’re buying a CNC machine instead of a cutting machine. Please make sure it’s computerized. There are many suppliers in the market selling CNC routers, some of them without a computer system, you have to install by yourself. But VENTECH machine comes with Windows 10 system, which can connect with WIFI or cable easily.

3. Number of AXIS

The number of axis is a major consideration as well. The pre-insulated PIR/PU and Phenolic ducts are more three-dimentional, unlike the sheet metal ducts which are more flat and only have 2 sides. So you might need more axis to cut the duct boards. The recommended number of axis is 5. So that you can cut different angles at the same time. Some machines only have 3 Axis which are not enough. These machines are cheaper but is that what you want?

    X Axis--refers to front and back cutting

    Y Axis--refers to left and right cutting

    Z Axis--refers to up and down cutting

    C Axis--refers to rotary cutting

    B Axis--refers to V cutting (0°-45°angle)

cnc sheet metal cutting

4. Size of the effective working area

Traditional PIR/PU duct panels have 2 sizes, 4m*1.3m and 3m*1.3m. So please be aware of the max panel size a machine can handle. If you have enough budget, we suggest a bigger table. Some brands claim their machine size is 4010*2050*1360mm, but they can only handle 2500*1600mm duct panels.

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