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Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning


Ducted air conditioning

If you want to keep your home heated all year round and, at the same time, you are tired of the lack of space, ducted air conditioning is what you need.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is a cooling system that allows air to circulate through centralized ducts. This method of air conditioning is installed on a false ceiling and is made up of an external device, an internal one and the ducts distributed throughout the house.

The main advantage of this system is found in the speed of cooling or heating, since it works only with an internal device; In this way, the desired temperature is achieved in a homogeneous way and works with a low noise level.

How does it work?

The operation of the air conditioning is similar in all cases; even so, depending on the type of refrigeration system you choose, its activity may vary. In the case of ducted air conditioners, the indoor unit is installed in a false ceiling and, from there, the air is expelled through fiberglass ducts.

In this way, the air is distributed throughout all the rooms of the house; In addition, if you decide to complete this installation with a motorized air grill, this system will allow you greater savings on your electricity bill.

ducted air conditioning

Advantages and disadvantages of a ducted air conditioning

Below we show you the main advantages of ducted air conditioning.

Very efficient when you want to air-condition more than one room: you can save up to 50% of energy per year.

It goes completely unnoticed.

Too quiet.

It allows you to regulate the temperature and power of each room.

On the contrary, these are some of the disadvantages of ducted air conditioning.

It is necessary to carry out work, because the installation is carried out on a false ceiling.

Its outlay is greater than that of Split air conditioners.

Constant cleaning for proper maintenance of the air conditioning through ducts.

What to consider when choosing a ducted air conditioning?

Below we show you some aspects to take into account to choose the perfect ducted air conditioning.

DC Inverter technology: they offer greater efficiency and work quieter.

Energy efficiency A+ or higher.

Small dimensions: having a lower height equipment will make installation easier and you will not have to take up as much space from the ceiling.

Weekly programmer: allows the air conditioning to turn on and off automatically.

Remote control: you won't have to get up and you can control your device at all times.

Duct air conditioning energy efficiency

Energy consumption is a fundamental aspect when purchasing a refrigeration system; Therefore, it is necessary to know what are the advantages of choosing a low consumption air conditioning.

To obtain the highest energy efficiency, the ducts must have a good hermetic insulation that avoids any possible loss of energy and, in addition, it must guarantee good thermal comfort and economic savings.

One of the advantages of ducted air conditioning is its A+ or higher energy efficiency; that is, while it works, it allows savings of at least 20% on the electricity bill.

Types of ducted air conditioning grilles

If you decide to purchase a ducted air conditioning, you should know that there are different types of grilles. In addition, it is important to remember that these systems must have, in each room, two grilles: one to catch the air and another to expel it. These are the different types that you can find.

Outlet grilles

These are the main characteristics of the outlet grilles.

Forces the air through ducts.

It has two slats to guide the air in all directions: the horizontal one directs the air up or down and the vertical one to the left or right.

Cold mode: it is best to orient the sheets upwards.

Heat mode: it is recommended to orient the sheets downwards.

Air return grilles

These are the main features of return air grilles.

They do not require any air orientation.

They only have horizontal slats to hide the false ceiling.

Motorized grilles

Finally, ducted air conditioning can have motorized grilles that are characterized by:

You can air-condition each room independently.

The grilles open or close depending on the needs of each room.

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