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The difference between circular duct and rectangular duct

The difference between circular duct and rectangular duct


The difference between circular duct and rectangular duct

The difference between circular duct and rectangular duct

1. Advantage 1: High air tightness

As we all know, no matter whether it is conveying gas or relying on gas for material transportation, the gas conveying pipeline should avoid leakage. So, how does the round duct do this? It turns out that the pipe fittings of the round air duct and other parts connected to the duct have factory-assembled airtight joints. When installing, just insert them into the round duct to achieve a high degree of airtightness. According to the international CEN pipeline air tightness standard, it reaches the C-level leakage level.

The airtight joint consists of two rubber sealing rings. When the joint is connected with the pipe fittings, the sealing ring is compressed and can withstand a positive pressure of 3000Pa and a negative pressure of 5000Pa, thus ensuring the degree of airtightness.

The circular straight pipe with spiral bite will not produce leakage. After using the sealed joint, the air leakage rate of the entire air duct system will be minimized.

The leakage of the ventilation pipeline is caused by the connection of a large number of pipe fittings. Compared with the rectangular pipeline, the typical length of the round pipe is 3-6 meters, while the length of the rectangular air duct is only 1-1.5 meters. The gasket of the rectangular air duct is made by hand, and the installation is rough, and it is impossible to install it by the factory like the round pipe fittings. The circumference of the sealing part of the circular pipe fitting is relatively short. For the same section, the perimeter of a rectangle with an aspect ratio of 1:3 is 41% longer than that of a circle, so the air leakage area of the circular duct is greatly reduced.

2. Advantage 2: low installation cost

In the case of the same resistance, the rectangular pipeline of 250×250mm can be replaced by the circular pipeline with a diameter of ∮200mm in the same installation space. Its comprehensive installation cost is 50% lower than that of rectangular pipelines. Replacing one rectangular pipe with two or several circular pipes can also reduce costs

3. Installation technical measures:

(1) When installing the air duct, first install the support and hanger according to the design elevation of the air duct. When arranging and numbering in sequence and hoisting, safety measures should be taken to prevent damage caused by collision. The installation of air ducts should be carried out according to the position of the equipment and the position of the tee, elbow, etc., and the equipment should be connected to the pipe first, and then the main pipe should be installed. Vertical ducts are generally installed from bottom to top.

(2) According to the center line of the air duct, find out where the suspender is laid. The single boom is on the centerline of the duct. The double suspenders can be installed symmetrically according to the distance between the bolt holes of the pallet or the center line of the air duct, and the distance between the hangers is ≤4m. When the air duct is long, a row of hangers needs to be installed. The positions of the two ends can be determined first, and then based on the determined supports at both ends, use the pull wire to find out the position of the middle support for installation. Fixing supports and hangers should also be added at appropriate positions to prevent swinging.

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