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CNC duct cutting machine quality control

CNC duct cutting machine quality control


CNC duct cutting machine quality control

Dear Valuable Customers,

Thanks for choosing a VENTECH CNC duct cutting machine. Through previous communication, you’ve got some basic knowledge of our CNC duct cutting machine.

We fully understand that purchasing a CNC duct cutting machine is a big investment, you need to take every element into consideration. Well my friend, please take it easy, we have all the solutions for you. This document is to show you how we control quality of our CNC duct cutting machine through the entire process.

1. Incoming Material Inspection

Precision cutting is an essential feature for a CNC machine. The maximum thickness of a HVAC duct panel is only 30mm. For example, you want to cut 20mm deep, and save some space for folding. If the knife goes too deep, it will cut through the material. You’ll end up spending more time fixing the duct panel.

To ensure precision cutting, we conduct 100% inspection of all the key components like working table, cutting heads, servo motors, the thickness of the knives, and how they work with our programme.

Production Name

CNC duct cutting machine

Cutting precision


Effective cutting area


Repeat accuracy


Maximum cutting thickness

30mm,enough to cut duct panels

Absorption Manner

3 Vacuum pumps


Even a small screw matters to us!

Incoming Material Inspection

After materials arrive, we have a quality person to check the sizes and specifications of each component, making sure they match the specifications, and perform well. If any defaults happen, we’ll return to our suppliers and ask for rework or new components.

The actual height of the table has to be exactly same as specifications, because the distance of table and knives greatly affects the cutting precision. No tolerance is allowed for this part. The cables are essential as well, we only use national famous brand to ensure quality and safety.

2. Production process inspection

During production, we maintain strict quality control of each assembly parts. For example, we measure every distance of the basic frame to make sure they’re well assembled. The Aviation aluminum table will be placed on top of the frame. If the frame is not well assembled, the table will be uneven. This will affect the cutting result.

After the Aviation aluminum table is assembled on top of the frame, the cushion will be assembled to the table by using strong Double-sided tape. The reason to use Double-sided tape is for customer to replace it easily when it’s worn out.

Measuring the balance of the Aviation aluminum table

The balance of the Aviation aluminum table is one of the major point to check during production. Because it affects the precision of the cutting results. Our standard tolerance is ≤0.1mm. So what we do is, after the aluminum table was assembled to the frame. We’ll measure the balance of the table. Normally we have 2 persons spending 4 hours to check every point of the table. 

CNC duct cutting machine

Assemble and inspection of control table

Safety devices and integrated chassis decides whether the machine is safe to use and functional enough. So after assembly, we check the specifications of each electrical part according to specification sheet.

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