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Classification of air conditioners

Classification of air conditioners


Classification of air conditioners

1.1 Classification by purpose of use

Comfortable air conditioner---Requires suitable temperature, comfortable environment, no strict requirements for the adjustment accuracy of temperature and humidity, used in housing, offices, theaters, shopping malls, gymnasiums, automobiles, ships, airplanes, etc.

Industrial air conditioner---There are certain requirements for the adjustment accuracy of temperature, and the cleanliness of the air also has higher requirements. It is used in electronic device production workshop, precision instrument production workshop, computer room, biological laboratory, etc.

1.2 Classification by air treatment method

Centralized Air Conditioning---The air treatment equipment is concentrated in the central air conditioning room, and the treated air is sent to the air conditioning system of each room through the air duct. It is suitable for use in places with large area, concentrated rooms, and relatively close heat and humidity loads in each room, such as hotels, office buildings, ships, factories, etc. The maintenance and management of the system is convenient, and the noise and vibration isolation of the equipment is relatively easy to solve.

Semi-centralized air conditioning - an air conditioning system that has both central air conditioning and terminal units that process air. This kind of system is more complicated and can achieve higher adjustment accuracy. It is suitable for workshops and laboratories that have high requirements on air accuracy.

Localized Air Conditioners - Air conditioners in which each room has its own device to handle the air. Air conditioners can be installed directly in the room or in an adjacent room to treat the air locally. It is suitable for occasions with small area, scattered rooms, and large difference in heat and humidity load, such as offices, computer rooms, families, etc. Its equipment can be a single independent air conditioner phase group, such as window type, split type air conditioner, etc. It can also be a system composed of fan-coil-type air conditioners that supply cold and hot water in a centralized manner, and each room can adjust the temperature of its own room as needed.

1.3 Classified by cooling capacity

Large-scale air-conditioning units, such as horizontal assembled water-spraying and surface-cooled air-conditioning units, are used in large workshops, cinemas, etc.

Medium-sized air conditioners---such as chillers and cabinet air conditioners, are used in small workshops, computer rooms, venues, restaurants, etc.

Small air conditioners---such as window type and split type air conditioners, used in offices, homes, guest houses, etc.

1.4 Classified by the amount of fresh air

 DC system---The air treated by the air conditioner is fresh air, which is sent to each room for heat and humidity exchange and then all discharged to the outside without a return air duct. This system has good hygienic conditions, high energy consumption and poor economy, and is used in workshops where harmful gases are produced. laboratory etc.

Closed system---A system in which the air processed by the air conditioning system is completely recirculated, and no fresh air is supplemented. The system has low energy consumption and poor sanitary conditions. It needs to regenerate oxygen in the air and prepare a carbon dioxide suction device. Such as air conditioners for underground buildings and submarines.

Hybrid system---The air processed by the air conditioner is composed of a mixture of return air and fresh air. It has the advantages of both direct current and closed type, and is widely used, such as air conditioning systems in hotels, theaters and other places.

Classified by air supply speed: High-speed system---wind speed of main air duct is 20-30m/s. Low-speed system---main air duct wind speed below 12m/s.

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