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5 Differences between round ducts and square ducts-Part Two

5 Differences between round ducts and square ducts-Part Two


5 Differences between round ducts and square ducts-Part Two


(4) The vertical edges of each air duct connection should be aligned, the position of the sealing strip should be correct, and the sealing ring screws should be tightened to ensure that the entire circumference is even and tight.

Project construction quality and safety assurance measures-Part One

Quality assurance system 1.

The project quality assurance system combines the quality management and technical management of the project department with the construction management system of the on-site operation group, and takes the economic contract responsibility system as the core to carry out project quality management, that is, the whole process from start to completion is controlled by the project Engineer implements feedback on quality control.

2. The person in charge of the project is the quality director, and another full-time quality inspector is set up. At the same time, the project technician is a professional quality inspector, and the operation team leader is a part-time quality inspector. The quality inspection network implements a three-level quality inspection system. Workers who do work every day must be inspected, and quality reviews must be carried out after each process is completed. If the previous process is unqualified, the next process will never be allowed to continue construction. According to the inspection results, rewards and punishments will be determined.

3. In the construction of the project, continuously strengthen the quality awareness education of employees, take the quality standard as the standard, and implement the quality standard and specification requirements throughout the whole process of work. 4. Implement comprehensive technical management for the construction personnel participating in the project, and implement the technical responsibility system. Project technicians must formulate professional work standards to ensure the quality of each process, do a good job in technical review, and strictly control the quality of equipment and materials , analyze and deal with quality accidents, collect and organize concealed project acceptance inspection data and equipment technical documents.

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Project construction quality and safety assurance measures-Part Two

1. Insist on implementing the basic principle of construction according to drawings In order to ensure the construction quality, insist on carrying out construction in accordance with the requirements of joint review of design drawings and drawings, and strictly follow the records submitted after the joint review of drawings. If it is found that there is a contradiction between the drawings and the site during the construction and the construction is difficult, the design unit or the relevant personnel of Party A must be approved, and the construction can only be modified after receiving the change notice.

2. Conscientiously implement the construction organization design scheme. The construction organization design is an important technical measure to guide site construction preparation and construction site project construction methods. It plays a guiding role in construction production, quality management, and installation. After the program is approved, it must be implemented during the implementation process It shall be strictly implemented and shall not be changed arbitrarily.

3. Strictly control the quality of products and ensure the supply of materials. All equipment and materials in construction and production should be selected from high-quality products that meet the design requirements. Equipment and materials should have certificates of conformity, manufacturing certificates, product sales certificates, quality assurance certificates, and national regulations. Relevant documents and materials such as the department's booklet, and materials should be used only after passing the acceptance.

A pre-insulated duct making machine is an important tool to improve your duct making efficiency. There are many pre-insulated duct making machines in the market. Please make sure that you chooes the right pre insulated duct making machine for your ductworks. If you use a pre insulated duct making machine that is not user-friendly, you may end up spending more time for your pr-insulated duct making process.


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