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Ventilation grille: the key element of good air conditioning-part 2

Ventilation grille: the key element of good air conditioning-part 2


Ventilation grille: the key element of good air conditioning-part 2

Air return grilles: These air conditioning grills are much simpler since they do not have the need to direct the air to any place. The main function of this type of grille is protection so that nothing gets into the ventilation ducts, and for this reason they have horizontal slats for an aesthetic reason. In addition, this type of ventilation grills are built to reintroduce the air from the room to the indoor unit. But that's not all, since thanks to the position of its slats at a 45º angle, they block all vision into the ventilation duct.

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Curved slat grilles: These are grilles that are used to vent air from an air conditioning system conducted from the ceiling, this is where its curved slats are very useful since they allow the air to be redirected in the direction we want.

Motorized ventilation grills: Ventilation grills that are used to individually condition each of the rooms in your home. In this way, each of the rooms where the grilles are installed can have a different temperature, due to its individual thermostat. This is responsible for detecting the indicated temperature and closing the air inlet to maintain it automatically.

Grilles with air damper: These are grilles that have a lever designed to manually control the amount of air emitted by the grill.

If you already have a ventilation grill installed in your home that does not allow flow regulation, it would not be necessary to change the entire grill, since there are accessories that are attached to the grills to offer you this functionality, these accessories are the regulation dampers of flow.

Ventilation grills with anti-insect mesh: They are ventilation grills made of aluminum, prepared for outdoor installation as they provide good protection against oxidation and the possible entry of rainwater, leaves, insects and birds into the ventilation system. ventilation.

Linear bar grilles: These are grilles that are designed for use in air conditioning, ventilation and heating. The distance between the slats and their thickness give this series of grilles great strength and an aesthetic that makes them ideal for rooms and premises where the decorative factor predominates. In addition, these grilles are indicated for both the impulsion and the return of hot and cold air.

The importance of good maintenance of ventilation grills

Being an important piece of your air conditioning system, it is essential that they have the correct maintenance. Debris and dirt to which they are constantly exposed must be removed to ensure proper operation. By periodically cleaning them, you are guaranteed a better flow, since the air can flow as it should.

As you know, VENTECH supply machine and molds to match all types of air grilles and diffuser.

By another article we will share you more about air grille diffuser production machine.

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