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Duct reinforcement and material protection measures

Duct reinforcement and material protection measures


Duct reinforcement and material protection measures

duct reinforcement


1. Duct reinforcement

(1) Reinforcement measures should be taken in the following cases:

The diameter of the spiral duct is greater than or equal to 800mm, and the length of the pipe section is greater than 1250mm or the total surface area is greater than 4 square meters. Reinforcement measures should be taken.

(2) The reinforcement of the air duct shall meet the following requirements:

a. The reinforcement of the air duct can be in the form of corrugated ribs, vertical ribs, angle steel (inner and outer reinforcement), flat steel, reinforcement ribs and pipe inner supports, etc.

b. The reinforcement of corrugated ribs or corrugated lines should be arranged regularly, the interval should be uniform, and the board surface should not have obvious deformation

c. The reinforcement of angle steel and reinforcement bars shall be arranged neatly, evenly and symmetrically. Their height should be less than or equal to the flange width of the duct. The riveting of angle steel, reinforcing rib and air duct shall be firm and evenly spaced, and shall not be greater than 220mm. The two intersections should be connected into one;

d. The support in the pipe and the air pipe should be firmly fixed, and the distance between each support point or the edge or flange of the air pipe should be uniform and should not be greater than 950mm;

e. When the pipe section of the air duct of the medium pressure and high pressure system is longer than 1250mm, it should also be reinforced with a reinforcement frame. The single bite seam of the metal air duct of the high-pressure system should also have reinforcement or reinforcement measures to prevent the seam from bursting.

2. The air duct connected to the equipment should be connected to the equipment in the corresponding connection mode with the equipment interface, and the corresponding hanger should be used to ensure that the weight of the air duct does not bear on the dust removal unit.

3. The vertical edges of each section of the air duct should be aligned, the position of the sealing strip should be correct, and the screw of the sealing ring should be tightened to ensure that the entire circumference is even and tight.

4. Material and Finished Product Protection Measures

Pipeline installation will inevitably cause damage to the installed equipment and materials during construction. For this reason, ideological education and on-site supervision must be strengthened, and the finished product protection work must be done to reduce unnecessary losses.

(1) The finished air ducts arriving on site should be placed in a ventilated and moisture-proof area and classified and stacked in different areas according to specifications, with obvious identification.

(2) During installation and transportation, the air duct should be handled with care. Throwing and throwing is strictly prohibited to avoid collision and damage to the air duct. It is strictly forbidden to use the air duct as a scaffold and a support for lifting objects. After the air duct is polluted, it should be cleaned up in time and it is strictly forbidden to step on it.

(3) On-site raw materials such as: angle steel, flat steel, channel steel, threaded screws, nuts, etc. should be classified according to specifications and stacked in a ventilated and moisture-proof zone. Bar-shaped materials such as section steel and threaded screws should be stacked neatly to prevent bending deformation.

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