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Types of insulated materials

Types of insulated materials


Types of insulated materials

Have you ever heard that using proper insulating materials in your building can cut your energy bills in half? The key is to boost the efficiency of your heating and cooling activity by adding insulation, no matter it’s a home, warehouse, or a office building. Before choose an insulation material, here are the most common insulation materials, their thermal resistance or R-value, and what they can bring to your project.

EPS and XPS Foam

Expanded polystyrene is short for EPS. EPS is composed of small plastic beads that are fused together. Extruded polystyrene is also called XPS. They are both made from polystyrene. XPS is a molten material that is pressed out of a form into sheets. XPS is most commonly used as foam board insulation.

EPS and XPS Foam 

EPS and XPS board have many similarities in material properties because of the same raw materials.

For example, compressive strength, thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, temperature and weather resistance, specific heat capacity, linear expansion coefficient, impact strength, dimensional stability, apparent density, etc.

The density can be made from 10KG/m³ to 100KG/m³, the corresponding compression resistance is from 100KPA to several hundreds of KPA, and the flame retardancy is B3-B1. When the density is 15-40KG/m³, the thermal conductivity is 0.028-0.040W/m·k.

EPS panel is widely used in construction, thermal insulation, packaging, refrigeration, daily necessities, industrial casting and other fields. It is also used in the manufacture of exhibition venues, merchandise cabinets, advertising signs and toys. In order to meet the national building energy-saving requirements, it is mainly used for external wall thermal insulation, external wall thermal insulation, and floor heating.

EPS panel is widely used in building roof insulation, floor heating insulation, steel structure roof, building wall insulation, building ground moisturizing, square ground, ground frost heave control, central air-conditioning ventilation ducts, airport runway insulation, high-speed railway Road base etc.

     PU Foam

Polyurethane foam is a porous polyurethane material composed of a large number of fine pores and polyurethane resin pores and meridians. In the market share of various types of foam plastics, PU foam accounts for more than 50%. Compared with other foam materials, polyurethane foam has many characteristics in terms of performance. In addition to low density, it is also odorless, breathable (open-cell type), high thermal insulation (closed-cell rigid foam), uniform cell, and durable. Due to its aging, organic solvent resistance and other characteristics, it has strong adhesion to dissimilar materials such as metal, wood, glass, masonry, fiber, etc., which is inferior to other foam materials, so it is welcomed by all walks of life. In the field of thermal insulation materials, polyurethane foam has occupied a solid market position.

PU Foam

EPS, XPS, PU Foam duct cutting machine

        EPS, XPS and PU foam are widely used in HVAC ducting for their good features. HVAC contractors often use foam duct cutting machine to process the duct boards. Foam duct cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine which is computerized and automatic. foam duct cutting machine permits to obtain finished pieces for ducts in pre-insulated. With the use of foam duct cutting machine, there is no more hand operations and bendings to do, the pieces obtained are ready to be folded and glued. Foam duct cutting machine designed with a large quantity of accessories and devices dedicated to reduce the production time and generate the best quality of finished product. With a big working size 4000x1300mm, a duct foam board can be fully utilized.  Foam duct cutting machine is able to cut different shapes at one time, such as elbow type, shoe type, Y type, reducer, etc.

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