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Insulation process of air duct material

Insulation process of air duct material


Insulation process of air duct material

1. Rubber-plastic sponge insulation process

① First, wipe the surface of the air duct clean, wipe off the dust and accumulated water on the surface and let it dry;

② Cut the insulation material according to the size of the air duct, and cut the material according to the regulations of pressing the long side to the short side;

③ Brush glue evenly on the outer wall of the tube and the rubber-plastic sponge board, and then glue it on after it is slightly dry for a while;

④ Lightly tap the closed-cell rubber-plastic sponge board with a rubber hammer, especially at the four corners of the air duct, to make it stick firmly to the air duct;

⑤ Check the appearance of the insulation, and repair it in time if it is inappropriate.

duct board insulation - 1

2. Insulation process of aluminum foil glass wool board

① First, wipe the surface of the air duct clean, wipe off the dust and accumulated water on the surface and let it dry;

② Bond the insulation nails, the length of the insulation nails should be greater than the thickness of the insulation cotton, and the bonding density is 12 pieces/m2 on the side of the air duct, at the bottom, and 9 pieces/m2 at the top. The distance between the nails is not more than 450mm, and the distance from the edge of the air duct is not more than 75mm;

③ Cut the aluminum foil glass wool board, use VENTECH insulation cutting machine when cutting the board, make the long side of the insulation material clamp the short side, and use small pieces of insulation material on the upper level of the air duct as much as possible;

④ Lay the aluminum foil glass wool board, gently stick the cut aluminum foil glass wool board on the air duct, force the insulation nails to pass through the glass wool board, and fix it with the insulation nail press cover after accurate inspection. The gland should be moderately tight and evenly pressed;

⑤ Stick aluminum foil tape. The seams of the glass wool board should be sealed with aluminum foil tape. The width of the tape is 50mm at the flat seam and 80mm at the corner of the air duct. Use even and moderate force when sticking the tape;

⑥ When wrapping the glass fiber cloth, the width of the glass fiber cloth should be 300~500mm. When winding, it should be overlapped with each other by half, so that the surface of the insulation material forms two layers of glass fiber cloth winding;

⑦ Brush fire retardant paint. Finally, brush the fireproof paint twice on the glass cloth. When painting, it should be painted along the winding direction of the glass fiber cloth. The coating should be tight and even, and pay attention to take necessary protective measures to avoid contamination of other parts.

duct board insulation - 2

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