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Insulation Air Duct

Insulation Air Duct


Insulation Air Duct

The concept of ventilation systems consists of ventilation ducts and all the components and equipment necessary for their function. They consist of all the components through which the air circulates, such as ventilation pipes, accessories, ventilation shafts and ducts, mufflers, fans, air conditioning devices, fire dampers and other closing devices against the transmission of fire and smoke and closing devices against smoke transmission (smoke dampers) as well as their connections, fixings, insulating layers, fire-stop linings, vapor barriers, sheets, linings and linings.

Beyond heating or cooling a space, the goal of ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is to provide adequate thermal comfort and indoor environmental quality to those in a building. Used in all types of buildings, from education, healthcare, commercial or residential, HVAC systems are often referred to as the lungs and veins of a building: depending on outside conditions, fresh air from outside enters the buildings and it is heated or cooled before being distributed in the occupied spaces, then it is discharged to the ambient air or reused in the system. Ventilation systems, especially ventilation systems for the intake of outside air, must be insulated to prevent the appearance of condensation water. This can be done on the outside or inside the duct.

Sound insulation for various requirements

In today's everyday life, we are often stressed by a multitude of sounds that are unwanted and are therefore more likely to be called "noise" (in colloquial terms). Clinical studies have shown that people who are exposed to high noise levels for a long period of time have a higher risk of heart disease and a higher level of stress.

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Insulation For Fiberglass Ducts

In addition to helping maintain a constant temperature, fiberglass – as an insulation material – is inorganic and therefore does not promote mold growth or act as a nutrient for mold growth. It is also a safe biosoluble material. More than 20 studies carried out at universities and prestigious laboratories, such as the World Health Organization, have examined the concentrations of fiberglass and other synthetic vitreous fibers (SVF) in residential and commercial buildings and have consistently found that they do not contribute significantly to indoor air pollution, thereby contradicting previous research claims.

There are four types of fiberglass insulation commonly used in duct applications:

Fiberglass duct liner is applied to the inside of a rectangular sheet metal duct and is designed to control heat loss or gain through the duct walls, assist with quiet air distribution, and control condensation . Fiberglass duct liners are resistant to mold growth and fiber erosion in accordance with industry standards and prevent the distribution of mold or airborne fiberglass. With mat-lined draft surfaces, duct liners will resist damage during installation, maintenance, and cleaning. They are manufactured in both roll and plate form, and are available in a variety of densities and thicknesses.

Fiberglass Duct Wrap is a heavy-duty insulation blanket, with a vapor retarder coating, made to fit comfortably over rectangular, spiral, flat oval, or irregularly shaped surfaces. It can be easily cut and fitted for a clean, thermally efficient installation and comes in various thicknesses and densities.

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