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HVAC Duct Fabrication Machine

HVAC Duct Fabrication Machine


HVAC Duct Fabrication Machine

HVAC duct works require many different tools and equipment to make all kinds of shapes and fittings. Using the right tools and equipment can save you a lot of trouble. Hence, it’s necessary to choose the right machines for your work. Here we’re introducing some of the duct fabrication machines for galvanized ducts and pre-inslulated ducts.

Galvanized Duct Fabrication Machines

1. Auto folding machine

Auto folding machine is used for straight ducts folding.

2. Plasma machine to cut duct fittings

To cut duct fittings efficiently, you need a plasma machine. Plasma machine has many good features.

A. Fast cutting speed,high precision and low cost.

B. With firm and reasonable structure,the machine is easy to operate and durable for use.

C. The cutting incision is thin and tidily and can avoid the second processing.

D. High configurated CNC system,auto arc-striking and stable performance.

3. Seam locker tube forming machine

Seam locker tube forming forming machine is one of the modern duct manufacture industry indispensable equipment. It has the characteristics of the operation is simple, fast and convenient.

4.  Duct bending machine

Duct bending machine is of all -steel welded construction. Simple construction with good appearance. It is easy to operate,with low energy consumption.The advantage is that both its up and down movements can be adjusted.

They can process workpieces according to the customer's requirement, and can fold sheet into a box/pan with four sides.

Hand folders are suitable for duct making, metal box forming and pan processing and can be used on the site.It is the ideal energy-saving equipment for enterprises and family factories with light, energy saving, high efficiency, high output, high rate of return and wide popularity at home and abroad.

5. Pipe shearing machine

The pipe shearing machine uses the integrally weld structure, ensuring the high strength and good rigidity of the machine.

It adopts guillotine upper transmission, and fitted with the brake device. The structure of the machine is simple, easy operation and low consumption.


Pre-insulated duct cutting Machines

Pre insulated duct cutter is also called cnc pre insulated duct cutting machine. It is fully automatic and ECO Fast CNC machine. CNC pre insulated duct cutting machines are manufactured with the latest technologies. They cut straight and special parts from insulation panels, used in the fabrication of pre-insulated HVAC ductwork and duct & pipe insulation.

hvac duct machine

While making galvanized ducts requires so many machines and so many processes to finish, pre-insulation ducts are quite easy with the application of a CNC pre insulated duct cutting machine.

The customers are satisfied with this  CNC pre insulated duct cutting machine, especially compared to the other main brands in the market.

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