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How to insulate duct-work in attic

How to insulate duct-work in attic


How to insulate duct-work in attic

The best place to locate the duct system for homes with ducted heating and cooling systems is within the conditioned space of the home, either in dropped ceilings, or between floors, or in a sealed and insulated basement, crawlspace, or attic. When HVAC ducts are installed in a vented attic in a dry climate, bury the ducts in attic insulation to protect them from temperature extremes in the unconditioned attic space. One option to protect the ducts and help to minimize heat transfer between ducts and the unconditioned attic is to lay the ducts on the attic floor and cover them with the same blown insulation that is used to cover the attic floor. The duct-work should be installed so that it is in direct contact with the ceiling and/or truss lower cords.


phenolic foam insulation

Attics sometimes gets very. On a sunny summer day, the air temperature in an unconditioned attic can get up to 120° F or even a bit higher. But what you may not know is that attics aren’t uniformly hot. The hottest air in an attic is up high. The coolest is down near the attic floor. So my tips is never, ever put ducts against the roof deck. So keeping the duct low in the attic is better. Duct leakage is really bad when ducts are in an unconditioned attic. Unbalanced duct leakage is even worse. So please make sure to seal them with abundant quantities of mastic.

Phenolic (phenol-formaldehyde) foam

A pre-insulated duct is an important part in a HVAC system. Well insulated HVAC systems are better in reducing the energy consumption. There are different types of pre-insulated ducts in the market, depending on your budget, layout of the building, climate and other governing factors.


phenolic foam

Phenolic (phenol-formaldehyde) foam was very popular years ago as rigid foam board insulation. It currently has limited availability as a board insulation and is also available as a foamed-in-place insulation.

Phenolic foamed-in-place insulation uses air as the foaming agent. Phenolic Foam Board is made of phenolic foam material, which is a polymer organic rigid aluminum foil foam product. It is foamed by thermosetting phenolic resin. Phenolic insulation boards are widely used in developed countries. They are normally be cut by a phenolic duct making machine before installed in the attic. A phenolic duct making machine is CNC duct fabrication machine that processes phenolic panels fastly and easily. Here is an example of phenolic duct making machine.

phenolic duct making machine

A phenolic duct making machine normally comes with a working table around 4610mm*2050*1360mm, which can fit a duct board 4000*1300mm in size. If you’re loaded with big projects and have limited time to finish, a phenolic duct making machine will certainly help you speed up the process.

Many people use phenolic boards to insulate their attic as well. Because Phenolic foam is known as the "king of thermal insulation materials" and is a new generation of thermal insulation, fireproof and sound insulation materials. It has the properties of light weight, fireproof, non-combustible in case of open fire, smokeless, nontoxic, non-dropping, etc., and has a wide range of operating temperatures. As a safe and green new energy-saving building material, phenolic foam has been recognized by the construction department and the public security fire department. So if you ever want to insulate your attic with phenolic boards, purchasing a phenolic duct making machine is your best choice!

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