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How many types of Composite Pre-insulated Air Duct

How many types of Composite Pre-insulated Air Duct


How many types of Composite Pre-insulated Air Duct

Composite air duct is a kind of pipe that plays a role in air supply. It is different from traditional pipes. It does not produce harmful substances either during production or during production and installation. It is a model of energy conservation and environmental protection. It can reduce the cooling load, and the links between pipes are seamless and tight. The lightweight and good connection system makes it greatly save installation time, low production costs, and simple installation procedures. There are many classifications of composite air ducts, which are described one by one below.

types of Composite Pre-insulated Air Duct

Composite duct classification:

1. Fiber fabric composite air duct: Also commonly used as cloth bag composite air duct, cloth composite air duct, and fiber fabric composite air duct. With surface type air outlet, large air volume, no blowing feeling; The overall air supply is evenly distributed, easy to clean and maintain, healthy and environmentally friendly, beautiful, diverse in color, prominent in personalization, quiet in operation, improving environmental quality, anti-condensation, light in weight, negligible roof load, flexible in installation, reusable, simple in installation, short in construction period, cost saving, and high cost performance.

2. Galvanized steel plate composite air duct: One of the earliest composite air ducts used was made of galvanized thin steel plate, which is suitable for the transportation of general gases with low moisture content. However, this material is prone to rust, does not maintain heat, cannot eliminate noise, and has a long production and installation cycle.

3. Composite glass fiber board air duct: In recent years, the type of composite air duct uses centrifugal glass fiber board as the base material, glass fiber cloth is used inside, and moisture-proof aluminum foil cloth is used outside. After being compounded and dried with fireproof adhesive, it is supported by processes such as cutting, grooving, and adhesive reinforcement. Appropriate reinforcement measures are taken based on the cross-sectional size and wind pressure of the composite pipe. It is a composite insulated air duct with excellent fire resistance. Similar materials include phenolic composite air duct, extruded composite air duct, and so on.

VENTECH pre-insulated duct cutting machine is specially for this kind of composite duct board. It is installed by VENTECH software system, and equipped with double automatcially cutting systems. One side is for V-groove cutting system, the other side is for 5-axis fitting cutting system. This CNC cutting machine can easliy hanld V-groove and any kind of duct fittings cut.

4. Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic composite air duct: A relatively new type of composite air duct, made of glass fiber reinforced inorganic materials, which is fireproof, non flammable, corrosion resistant, light in weight, high in hardness but relatively fragile, susceptible to deformation and cracking due to self weight, without thermal insulation and noise elimination functions, and has a long manufacturing and installation cycle.

The most classified:

The cheapest price: XPS extruded aluminum foil composite air duct, glass magnesium composite air duct

Best quality: phenolic color steel composite air duct

The simplest construction: XPS extruded aluminum foil composite air duct

Best fire resistance: glass magnesium composite air duct, phenolic composite air duct

VENTECH pre-insulated duct cutting machine

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