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Composite pre-insulated air duct

Composite pre-insulated air duct


Composite pre-insulated air duct

Composite air duct, represented by rubber plastic composite air duct, is a rubber plastic composite air duct system made of rubber plastic composite thermal insulation materials, which can comprehensively replace traditional air ducts, air valves, tuyeres, static pressure boxes, and thermal insulation materials in the air delivery system of air conditioners.

Composite air duct is a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving air duct that replaces iron sheet air duct and glass fiber air duct. This product consists of two layers of high-strength inorganic material and one layer of thermal insulation material as the base material, using adhesive technology and special structural combination and connection.

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Its components mainly include

1. Inlet: required for connecting other air ducts or equipment.

2. Main pipe section: the perfect combination of ventilation duct and air outlet.

3. End: Ensure that the entire ventilation system does not relieve pressure.

4. Elbows, tees, and reducers: meet various angles and various engineering site requirements.


The plate is produced mechanically, with a smooth and flat surface, which improves the efficiency of air transportation. The air leakage rate is only 10% of that of the iron sheet air duct. No matter in the process of production, production, installation, or use, there are no substances harmful to the environment, no rust, mold, dust accumulation, no dust and fiber from glass fiber duct, and no odor; Low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation performance; It has good sound insulation and absorption performance, and there is no noise generated during the contraction and expansion of iron sheet air ducts. Non combustible, anti bending, pressure resistant, fast construction, low cost, and a service life of up to 20 years.

1; Face type air outlet, large air volume, no blowing feeling. The system adopts a unique surface type air outlet mode of air infiltration and microporous jet through the entire pipe wall, featuring large air outlet area, large air volume, low wind speed, no blowing sensation, and excellent comfort

2; The overall air supply is evenly distributed. System emits air through fiber gaps or evenly distributed multiple rows of small holes throughout the pipe wall. The air distribution is uniform at each point, achieving a truly ideal overall uniform air supply.

3; Anti condensation. System penetrates cold air through the fibers of the entire pipe wall, forming a cold air layer outside the pipe wall, making almost no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pipe wall, completely solving the condensation problem and eliminating the need for pipe insulation.

4; Beautiful and high-end, diverse colors, and outstanding personalization. A variety of colors can maintain harmony with any indoor environment style, simple and high-end. At the same time, the system and colors are fully personalized and customized.

5; Light weight, negligible roof load.

6; The system operates quietly and improves environmental quality.

7; Simple installation, shortening the project cycle.

8; Flexible installation and reusable. The entire system is made of soft material, which eliminates the need for leveling and calibration during installation. When used, it will not be easily scratched, dented, or leaked like a metal pipe system. The system suspension device is flexible in movement, easy to install, and can be reused. It is the best choice for various places requiring temporary ventilation.

Composite pre-insulated air duct

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