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Checklist for purchasing a CNC pre-insulated duct cutting machine

Checklist for purchasing a CNC pre-insulated duct cutting machine


Checklist for purchasing a CNC pre-insulated duct cutting machine

A CNC machine is a computer controlled manufacturing machine. Purchasing a CNC machine for your pre-insulated duct fabrication is a good choice to speed up the projects. But there are some points to be considered when choosing a CNC pre-insulated duct cutting machine. This article will talk about the checklist for purchasing a CNC pre-insulated duct cutting machine from China.


Checklist for purchasing a CNC pre-insulated duct cutting machine 

The chart above explains the working process of a computer numerical controlled machine.

1. A CNC cutting machine, CNC milling, CNC router?

A CNC plasma cutting machine or a water jet would be sufficient to cut 2D parts. For example, cutting a profile out of a part. A CNC router is good for soft materials like wood, particle board, plastic ect. For hard materials like sheet metal, CNC milling machine might be good for you. If you want to cut PIR PU Phenolic pre-insulated duct panels. A CNC duct cutting machine is your first choice. CNC duct cutting machine is used to cut pre-insulated duct panels specifically. It’s sufficient for 3D parts, unlike plasma cutting machines which can only cut 2D parts. It’s better than CNC routers which can only cut soft materials.

2. How many Axis? 2, 3, or 5Axis?

A cutting machine that comes with only 2 axis, can only cut a profile out of a plate. 3-axis machines are used for 2D and 2.5D parts. A 3-axis machine can be used to machine all 6 sides of a part, but a new fixturing set-up is needed for each side. For a single fixture setup, only one side of the part can be machined.

5-Axis machines utilise 2 or 3 possible rotation axis. It varies from different types of machines. A machine has a rotation in the A-axis and C-axis, or a B-axis and C-axis rotation. The rotation can be the work piece or the spindle. There are mainly 2 types of 5-axis CNC machines. The first type is 3+2 axis, which the two rotational axes operated independently to each other. That means the work piece can be rotated to any compound angle, which is in relation to the cutting tool for features to be machined. But if you want the two axes to rotate at the same time, it’s impossible.

However, the second type of 5-axis machine which is also called fully continuous 5-axis machine, can realize the two rotation axis at the same time as the machine and cutting moving linearly in XYZ co-ordinates.

Ventech CNC duct cutting machine is equipped with 5 Axis, which is able to rotate and cut different angles. It’s ideal for cutting 3D shapes.

3. The maximum size of material a CNC duct cutting machine can handle.

There are two common sizes of PIR PU Phenolic duct panels. 3000*1300mm, 4000*1300mm. Its essential that you select a machine based on the maximum and minimum component size you are looking to produce. Ventech CNC duct cutting machine is able to cut pre-insulate pir pu phenolic duct panels with sizes of 3000*1300mm and 4000*1300mm.

4. Customer Services

If you are planning to buy a CNC duct cutting machine from China, customer service has to be considered. A supplier who can deliver reliable after-sales service, AMC contracts, and 24×7 assistance is your best choice!

5. Application and Capability

When you start looking for a CNC machine, you’ll find many brands in the market. They all look similar from the outside, but please remember, not every machine is suitable for your tasks. A good CNC duct cutting machine that meets your unique application and capability is perfect for you. 

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