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Ventilation grille: the key element of good air conditioning-part 1

Ventilation grille: the key element of good air conditioning-part 1


Ventilation grille: the key element of good air conditioning

Ventilation grille is one of the most important elements of air circulation in our family. Its function is simple; They allow air to enter or leave the room and can be connected to the outside of the building.

What is the main function of the ventilation grille? Well, because their main function is to prevent impact or entry into vents or pipes. However, in addition to this use, their design is critical to achieving better indoor air distribution or, in other cases, intake. Even so, they cannot give up design and make it attractive to enhance these functions.

Good ventilation grilles are grilles that can achieve the above functions, and they also have secondary functions, such as:

Ensure cargo losses are as low as possible.

Distribute air evenly between different areas of each room.

Minimize the noise generated by fans and even air passing through the grille.

Eliminate vibration as much as possible.

They must be easy to clean with minimal maintenance.

Ventilation grille

What material are they made of?

If we focus on manufacturing materials, we will find 5 types of ventilation grilles:

Polyvinyl chloride


stainless steel



Aluminum is stronger than plastic and is often widely used in the face of external factors.

Color or finish are the other two key points that affect the appearance of the grille. For aesthetic reasons, they may affect the final decision without neglecting its functionality.


Types of grilles for air conditioners and ventilation

There are ventilation systems that require many grilles. In these cases, it is convenient to spend a little more so that they are aesthetic and that they do not break with the image of the house:


Single deflection grilles: These are grilles in which their slats have only been built in one direction, generally horizontal, and are mobile. In this way it is possible to direct the current produced by the air in a certain direction.


Double deflection grilles: These types of grilles have two-way slats and are mobile in both directions, which gives the user the ability to direct the air current as they please. These types of grilles are often confused with regulation grilles, but these are differentiated as they have slats behind that allow the passage of the


Air supply grilles: The main characteristics of the supply grilles is that they have 2 types of integrated slats; horizontal slats, which direct the air up or down, and vertical slats that do it from left to right.

They are built in this way to be able to direct the air coming from the indoor unit. If the system is working cold, it is advisable that the slats are oriented upwards, since the cold air will tend to go down to the floor. In this way we achieve a much more efficient air conditioning and air circulation inside the house.


If we use the air conditioning through the ducts in "heat" mode, the slats should be oriented downwards since hot air is much less dense than cold air and usually rises towards the ceiling. The other slats that are oriented from left to right are simply to direct them where you want.

Ventilation grille - 1

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