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If we can't escape the heat, the best way is to cool off in the best way possible, isn't it? However, care is needed at these times. Getting sick in the heat is a very bad and unpleasant experience. We do not recommend this to anyone! Therefore, some care in hot weather is essential for you to be able to enjoy the days without running the risk of getting sick. In this text we will talk about the care you should have with the air conditioning.

hvac maintenance

Our region is facing high temperatures and this has led the population to use an air conditioning system to mitigate the intense heat. And therein lies the danger: air conditioners can be contaminated by dirt inside, being a habitat for bacteria and viruses.

The importance of air conditioning maintain:

One of the most important points in the maintenance of our air conditioner is precisely cleaning. It's not hard to see why: as we normally use air conditioning indoors, the air doesn't renew itself. So, air conditioning filters become the ideal deposit for all kinds of bacteria. On the other hand, the lack of care with the drainage/cooling system causes the water to stand still, a perfect environment for the development of bacteria colonies.

The importance of cleaning boils points:

More comfort and convenience for users, as the device will always work in ideal conditions;

Prevent public health problems due to the accumulation of bacteria and harmful substances in filters;

Decrease expenses and expenses with corrective maintenance tasks and/or indemnities for public health problems.

 We have already mentioned above the importance of cleaning the air conditioning to prevent public health problems. But is the risk really that great?

air conditioning maintenance

Air Contamination

Let's flashback to last winter. Remember that time when everyone in the office had a cold? The truth is that all airborne diseases are difficult to contain. Still, air conditioning units can contribute to storing and spreading bacteria, fungi, viruses and pollens.

That's why we hear some people repeat many times that “air conditioning is bad” or that “they get hoarse and sick”. There is even a grain of truth in that. Fortunately – and this is the good news – prevention is not difficult. First, keep the filters and the outside of the device clean. Afterwards, it is necessary to air all collective spaces throughout the year.

The lack of cleaning and preventive hygiene of air conditioners is one of the main responsible for the proliferation of fungi, mites and bacteria that cause respiratory diseases, allergies, irritations and bad smell in the environment. In addition, this lack of maintenance can affect the operation of the equipment, thus implying a greater consumption of energy and a decrease in its useful life.

Research related to the topic shows that air conditioning systems without proper technical assistance lose 5% of their overall efficiency every year. What's more, systems that operate at high efficiency can reduce monthly energy costs by up to 25%.

In general, different maintenance of the air conditioner can be carried out, according to the time of use and the environment where it was installed.

In addition, cleaning the air conditioning filter is simple and can be done at home in a few minutes. Following the following steps:

Unplug the appliance from the socket;

Remove the front panel and clean it with a soft, dry cloth. If it is very dirty, moisten the cloth with warm water;

Carefully remove the filter from the appliance and wash it under running water (cold or lukewarm);

Use neutral soap and a loofah to complete the wash;

Let the filter dry naturally or use another soft cloth.

Preventive maintenance of the air conditioner must be carried out by a technician and will include a deeper cleaning of the device. In it, the external (condenser) and internal (evaporator) parts are dismantled so that a complete cleaning can be carried out, as well as testing of the components that make up the entire system of this type of device.

Taking these aspects into account, there is no way to determine exactly how long an air conditioner can work in perfect condition. However, the appliance's useful life is directly related to the preventive maintenance care you have with it, that is, if you tend to worry about the air conditioning working only when it starts to present problems such as noise, low cooling, bad smell or drip, it means that preventive maintenance is not being done correctly.

air conditioner cleaning

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