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HVAC Foam Duct Panels Pre-insulated Ductwork CNC Automatic Cutting Machine

HVAC Foam Duct Panels Pre-insulated Ductwork CNC Automatic Cutting Machine
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HVAC Foam Duct Panels Pre-insulated Ductwork CNC Automatic Cutting Machine

VENTECH pre-insulated duct cutting machine is a fully funtional CNC machine that is used in projects from all over the world, always upgrading to meet requirments of customers from different continents. It is famous for its excellent job on processing sandwich foam duct panels in the easiest way.

Among the foam duct panels, there are phenolic, PIR, PUR, rigid fiberglass duct. The sandard size of duct board is usually around 3950*1200mm, thickness ranges among 20, 25, 30mm. Also 2950*1200mm could be found in some areas, and thickness could go up to 50.8mm(2 inches). Due to the material features, the cutting methods could differ. VENTECH team is trying to develop the machine to handle all different panels to the utmost.

Cutting knives/blades are also specifically made for foam duct cutting. No dust anymore, the cutting work is clean and fast. No damage to the material faces any more, the table is equiped with vacuum suction to fix materials instead of a roller to press on them.

VENTECH machine is equiped with 5 sets of straight cutting blades for fast straight cutting of rectangular ducts. By only 1 cut, a 4 meter long straight duct can be done within 10 seconds. On the front of the beam, there is the main cutting head which can automatically adjust cutting angles to cut all the fittings like elbow, round duct, segment bend, box etc. 10°, 30°, 45°, 90°, every single angle is simple and can easily be done by VENTECH main cutting blade. You don’t have to worry about the board thickness, side angles, changing knives during cutting etc. They are all programmed well and done fully automatically. You can save that part of cost to hire more assembly workers, as the finished panels will keep coming out. 

The most valuable part for a foam board ductwork manufacturer lands on the production efficiency, which could be highly increased with VENTECH automatic nesting software. Especially designed for foam duct panels, the automatic nesting software equips with a full duct library/gallery with currently around 50 ducting shapes in 3 dimensions. From square to round, V grooving or not, everything is possible with VENTECH. With this software, the manufacturers and contractors don’t need to spend high cost on professional ducting engineering anymore, as the software itself is intelligent enough to program all the fittings for you. No need to struggle on the angles, layers, slots, VENTECH nesting software will manage all for you. With this software, you only need to choose shapes and type in the dimensions and quantities, then the nesting is automatically done in a few seconds and in the best way to save your materials. 

If you are looking for an intelligent equipment to cut foam duct panels for your HVAC projects with the highest efficiency, please feel free to send an inquiry at the moment.


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