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Installation and packaging of pre-insulated duct cutting machine

Installation and packaging of pre-insulated duct cutting machine


Installation and packaging of pre-insulated duct cutting machine

On May 16, 2022. Our machinery sales department went to our factory in Yingde, Guangdong, China. During the visit, we saw how the pre-insulated duct cutting machine is installed and packaged. Next, we will introduce you in detail and we sincerely hope you all can join us in the future.

Compared to the other main brands in the market, our pre-insulated duct cutting machine are stable and fast, and with higher cost-effective. The customers are satisfied with this CNC duct fabrication machineThe technician team made great effort on the R&D of our pre-insulated duct cutting machine. You can see the bright shine of the machine and the exquisite craft on it. We put huge technique and investment on the programming of the duct software.

During the installation process, our engineers also showed meticulous and rigorous working attitude. After all parts are accepted and qualified, the installation is carried out. The mechanical installation is strictly in accordance with the installation drawing and process requirements, and the installation environment is clean and free of dust and other pollution. Every time the installation of a component is completed, the engineer will check the installation drawing to check whether there are missing or incorrectly assembled parts, and if any installation problems are found, they will be analyzed and dealt with in a timely manner. After the final installation, clean up the iron filings, sundries, dust, etc. in all parts of the machine to ensure that the machine runs without obstacles.

After the installation is completed, the engineer will carry out debugging. After the debugging is no problem, it can be packaged and ready for shipment. The machine packaging will first be wrapped with plastic film, and then put it in a wooden box. The wooden box packaging has good ventilation and good protection performance for fragile items. The size of the wooden box can be determined according to the size of the machine that need to be packaged. It is convenient, durable, and most of them can be recycled after use.

From the installation and packaging process, we can see our factory's professional and rigorous attitude towards products. Our quality inspection department has related procedures to ensure that each piece of equipment has a mature and complete commissioning before shipment, and strives to have a good experience when customers use the machine for the first time. The person in charge of the R&D team has more than 15 years of work experience in the equipment field.

After the machine is sold, we will permanently provide online answering services. So don't hesitate to choose our products, we will try our best to provide you with satisfactory service.

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