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Want to transform the air outlet of the central air conditioner?

Want to transform the air outlet of the central air conditioner?


Central air-conditioning is increasingly used in various buildings to bring people a comfortable feeling. In the entire process of central air conditioning, the air outlet is a problem that cannot be ignored. In order to increase the comfort of use and improve the use effect of the air conditioner, it is necessary to modify the unreasonable air outlet.

Material and type selection of central air conditioning duct renovation

1. The main air outlets of central air conditioning on the market are made of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. ABS is slightly more expensive. Those who are too expensive can choose central air conditioning air outlets made of aluminum alloy. Compared with ABS plastics, aluminum alloy materials are cost-effective and popular with everyone. I want to remind everyone that if you choose the material, you must strictly follow the specifications for the construction, otherwise it is easy to cause the air supply temperature to be too low during the summer cooling, the heat preservation is not done well during the construction, the air volume is too small, etc., or the aluminum alloy air outlet Condensation is easy to occur, so we operate in accordance with strict specifications to avoid such phenomena.

2. There are many types of air vents for central air conditioners. The common ones are double-layer louvered vents, fixed strip vents, diffusers, single-layer louvered vents, self-hanging louvered vents, etc. When choosing the vents, you need to follow the specific conditions of the building facilities. Make a choice. For example, in a small indoor space, you can choose a double louver tuyere, because it has strong flexibility. There are two adjustable louvers with an adjustable angle. The short blades are used to adjust the diffusion angle of the airflow. The direction of the air flow can be changed; and the long blades can be adjusted to make the air flow attached to the ceiling or tilt down to a certain angle.


Main points of outlets renovation

1. The distance between the air outlet and the return air outlet of the central air conditioner must be at least one meter, and the distance between the air outlets of the next outlet should not exceed 2.5 meters, otherwise it will easily cause a short circuit of the return air and affect the effect of the central air conditioner.

2. The air outlet and return air outlet of the central air conditioner should adopt a suitable return air method to generate circulating air in the room and keep the air fresher and more natural.


Retrofit installation and effect

1. No light trough is set at the air outlet of the air-conditioning room, otherwise it is easy to block the hot air flow from reaching the personnel activity area and affect the heating effect.

2. Regarding the progress of decoration, it is generally necessary to install the air outlet before painting the indoor wall, so that even if the wall is disturbed during installation, it will not be a big problem.

3. Correctly grasp the size of the tuyere. The size of the air outlet depends on the capacity of the indoor unit. If the air outlet is too large and the air duct is too long, the airflow speed will decrease, which will affect the effect of the air conditioner; if the air outlet is too small, the airflow speed will increase. This will cause discomfort caused by the wind blowing directly on the human body, and may also cause excessive noise. Choose the location of the air supply outlet to make the air in the air-conditioned area circulate, and the size must ensure a certain air outlet size. The air outlet is too large. Air conditioning effect.



1. The central air-conditioning duct machine should be a low-static pressure machine, and the wind speed will decrease after increasing the tuyere, which will affect the air-conditioning effect;

2. Pull the canvas to the air outlet. The air outlet and the return air outlet are to be decorated and opened on the ceiling. Then the air outlet is customized, and the size is measured and customized.

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