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What is a composite phenolic duct? How to apply in air conditioning and ventilation systems?

What is a composite phenolic duct? How to apply in air conditioning and ventilation systems?


1. Introduction to composite phenolic air duct

(1) Phenolic resin

Phenolic resin is formed by polycondensation reaction of phenol and aldehyde materials in the presence of acid or alkali catalysts. Commonly used phenolic materials include phenol, toluene, and xylene; aldehydes include formaldehyde, furfural and so on. Phenolic resin is brittle, rigid, heat resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and stable.

(2) The production of air duct

Paste aluminum foil on both sides of the phenolic foam to make a composite sandwich panel. The thickness of the panel is generally 20mm and 25mm. The composite sandwich panel can be made into composite aluminum foil phenolic air ducts of various shapes and uses through bonding, which can be manufactured in the factory or on the construction site.

The specific method is: apply adhesive to the joints of the plates, or stick aluminum foil tape on both sides of the joints to strengthen the rigidity and airtightness of the air duct. It is suitable for air-conditioning systems and humid environments where the wind pressure is less than 2000Pa. The main steps of processing are: measurement, blanking, gluing, pressing, sticking tape, mounting flange, internal sealing, etc.

The main accessories include PVC flanges, special flange inserts, zinc-iron compensation angles, aluminum F-shaped flanges, aluminum U-shaped flanges, aluminum protective discs, support rod expansion plugs, phenolic special glue, etc., as well as special Knives, or use the phenolic air duct cutting machine that is gradually popular in the market. There are many foam cutting machine factories you can find in China. Among all the foam cutting machine suppliers, you can find VENTECH equipment are of most high quality and technique with a reasonable price.

(3) Features of composite phenolic air duct

Good fireproof performance, high oxygen index, reaching non-combustible Class A;

Good heat preservation performance, low thermal conductivity of the board;

Good waterproof performance, non-hygroscopic, and can be used in humid environments;

No dust and fiber, no mold, no rust, no peculiar smell;

Good chemical stability, long service life, up to 20a;

The sound absorption coefficient is large, and the sound insulation and noise reduction performance is good;

Good sealing performance, small air leakage;

The inner wall is smooth and the wind resistance is small;

Light weight and easy installation.


2. Comparison of composite aluminum foil phenolic duct and traditional duct

(1) Technology comparison

Compared with traditional air ducts made of galvanized steel or glass steel, composite aluminum foil phenolic air ducts have the following advantages:

1) Good thermal insulation and low heat dissipation loss. 2) Good silencing. 3) Lightweight and easy to install. 4) It takes up less space. 5) Durable and long service life. 6) Short construction period. 7) Beautiful, suitable for surface installation. 8) Wide application range

(2) Economic comparison

Compared with the traditional galvanized steel sheet external insulation air duct, the composite aluminum foil phenolic air duct also has certain advantages in terms of economy:

The cost per square meter of the composite aluminum foil phenolic air duct is about 20% less than that of the galvanized steel sheet external insulation air duct. In the project, if the former is adopted, the cost can be saved by about 150,000 yuan compared with the latter. Although the cost of air-conditioning ducts does not account for a large share in the entire project, it is combined with the aforementioned phenolic ducts in terms of technology and installation. Considering the above advantages, it is better to use phenolic air ducts than steel air ducts.


3. Precautions in use

1) Phenolic foam duct is a relatively fine building material, and the construction unit needs to take meticulous measures. During transportation, collisions, squeezing, and rough loading and unloading should be avoided, and they should not be scattered and stacked on the construction site.

2) After entering the construction site, phenolic foam products should not be stored in the open air to prevent rain from getting wet, and to prevent the material from absorbing water and reducing the heat preservation effect.

3) If the composite aluminum foil phenolic duct has seams or edges damaged during construction, it must be jointed and filled with glue strictly, and then sealed with aluminum foil tape to make a moisture-proof layer to prevent water from entering.

4) When the width of the cross section of the duct is greater than 0.4m, the spacing between hangers is 3m; when the section width of the duct is greater than 0.8m, the spacing of the hangers is 1.5~2m. The surfaces of various brackets and air ducts must be padded with elastic materials to reduce vibration and noise and protect the air duct surface from damage.

5) The absolute roughness of the inner wall of the composite aluminum foil phenolic air duct is k=0.20.3, and the resistance along the way is generally calculated based on the galvanized steel plate duct when the duct is designed. A certain correction factor should be added to the calculated value.


4. Conclusion

Through the above comparison and analysis, it can be seen that the various physical and chemical parameters of the composite aluminum foil phenolic air duct are better than those of other materials, especially its excellent fire-retardant and thermal insulation properties. At the same time, this type of air duct will not produce substances harmful to the environment during production and use, and is cheaper than traditional metal ducts in terms of engineering cost, so that it can achieve the perfect unity of technology and economy. Therefore, many real estate developers choose it to be used in the air conditioning and ventilation systems of their development projects, which also meets the requirements of the "energy saving and environmental protection" concept advocated by the whole society.

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