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The Tricky Parts of AC Installation Technique

The Tricky Parts of AC Installation Technique


The Tricky Parts of AC Installation Technique

The systematic AC Installation contains AC units, water pipes, air ducts and insulation, and all the networks that are used as bridges in the process. In the process, you may come across to some problems:

(A) Pipelines, equipment positioning and elevation crossover 

For comprehensive buildings, there are air conditioningend equipment, supply and return air ducts, exhaust air ducts, chilled water pipes, condensate pipes, sprinkler pipes, fire protection pipes, electrical bridges and other professional pipelines in the ceiling space.

In the case of insufficient labeling in the drawings according to the diagram for construction, usually the first installation of the ducts construction is very convenient, yet later on the installation is very difficult. The ducts would only be installed in the location or elevation not suitable for installation, seriously affecting the quality and progress of the project. In response to the above problems, it is necessary to comply with the principles of integrated design of duct engineering.

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(B) Equipment noise exceeds the standard 

Equipment noise mainly comes from the collision of the end of the air conditioning equipment. Noise generated mainly from the design, installation, especially the noise generated by the installation should not be ignored. HVAC in addition to their own professions also involve architecture, acoustics, structure and other professions, and noise control requires the coordination of each profession with each other. 

(C) Air conditioningwater system water circulation

Water system is the most critical link in central air conditioning construction, from which the problems generate will directly affect the normal operation of the system.  The most common problem in central air conditioning chilled water system is poor circulation of chilled water system piping. The reasons for poor pipeline circulation are:

1. The pipeline lines of various professions are crossed and not coordinated well during construction, resulting in many air bubbles in the pipeline network, which affects the circulation of the pipeline network.

2. Air conditioning water system pipeline cleaning is not thorough, directly causing the air conditioning water system blockage.

 (D) Water condensation

Air conditioning system may have the phenomenon of condensation and water dripping in the commissioning and operation, and the cause of this problem may be the small slope of the condensate drainage pipe, or no slope at all; or due to uneven installation of the water collection plate of the fan coil; or the drainage outlet in the plate is blocked causing the water overflows; due to the poor quality of insulation of refrigerated water pipes and valves, the insulation layer is not tightened to the wall of refrigerated water pipes, resulting in the dripping of air condensate on the outer wall of the pipes; there are also drips of secondary condensate on the lower surface of the water collection tray.

Therefore, poor duct installation and insulation, loose connection between ducts and fittings, ducts and equipment, and incautious operating procedures for duct installation may all cause this problem. The quality of the ducts and essential materials directly affect the quality of the installation, so it is necessary to carry out a systematic and careful inspection before duct installation.

                                                ----by Carol Liu

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