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Why do air ducts need to be insulated?

Why do air ducts need to be insulated?


Why do air ducts need to be insulated?


We see a lot of air ducts with a layer of insulation on the exterior. Why do we need insulation? In fact, there are many benefits to heat preservation. First of all, heat preservation literally means maintaining temperature. This temperature not only refers to heat, but also air conditioning. In particular, the air ducts connected to the central air conditioner (which can generally be seen in large supermarkets) must be insulated.


There are two reasons: First, thermal insulation can reduce energy loss, save energy and protect the environment. After the air duct is insulated, the loss of cold air is less than that before the heat preservation, the corresponding central air conditioner power is also reduced, and less electricity is used; the other is to isolate the air, which can prevent oxidation, which can increase the life of the air duct. There is also a reduction in condensation. The condensation phenomenon is that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the air duct in summer causes the water in the outside air to condense into water vapor. Water will drip along the duct, affecting indoor hygiene. If the condensed water droplets damage the molding equipment on the important equipment, it will cause great economic losses. There are also some functions such as sound insulation and thermal insulation, which can reduce noise to a certain extent.


Insulation cotton materials generally include rubber, Fiberglass wool, etc. Our company has a special thermal cutting machine for cutting these duct insulation materials---VENTECH Insulation Cutting Machine. The cutting table has automatic feeding table and fixed table. The foam cutter with automatic table is suitable for roll materials, and the ductwork insulation cutter with fixed table is suitable for single material. The general insulation cutting table size is 2500mm x 1600mm, and 1800mm X 1300mm. The equipment contains graphics software, which can automatically typeset and automatically cut, which is very convenient. This can solve the problems of complicated manual cutting in most duct production factories.

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