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Assembly mechanism (internal insulation) finished air duct solution

Assembly mechanism (internal insulation) finished air duct solution


Assembly mechanism (internal insulation) finished air duct solution


The biggest difference between the inner insulation air duct and the outer insulation is that the insulation and the air duct are designed together to save the time of doing insulation separately. The construction period can be reduced. It is more suitable for engineering projects with high construction period requirements. It can effectively shorten the construction period and save time.


- The advantages of machine-made metal (internal insulation) metal finished products

1. High strength: strong galvanized steel plate provides effective protection for the thermal insulation layer; integrated molding, unique occlusal technology makes the air duct almost no air leakage (the test result is one-seventh of the national standard), the thermal insulation effect and aging are straight, so it can be widely used in various types of buildings.

2. Good sound absorption and noise reduction effect: The imported black glass fiber insulation cotton is attached to the inside of the air duct, which can effectively absorb all the sound generated or transmitted inside and outside the air duct system, and can completely replace the muffler. All are specially used in places that have certain requirements for acoustic environment, such as concert halls, conference rooms, exhibition halls, guild halls, hotels, cinemas, KTVs, etc.

3. High fire rating: Class A fire rating, effective flame retardant, especially suitable for super high-rise buildings.

4. Antibacterial and mildew proof, green and non-toxic: The imported black glass fiber thermal insulation cotton has excellent characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-fungal and anti-mildew. At the same time, the adhesives used in the finished air ducts of machine-made metal (internal thermal insulation) are imported green Non-polluting water-soluble adhesive, high bonding strength, no benzene, no flame spread, washable and other characteristics.

5. Prefabrication processing: All air ducts are prefabricated in the factory. According to the processing list in the solution, reasonable planning, centralized procurement of raw materials, accurate data, integrated molding, and unified logistics can save procurement costs, control product quality, and facilitate multiple parties. Supervision, high product precision, convenient installation effect.

6. Assembly and construction: According to the installation drawings in the solution, each product has a detailed QR code for installation. The construction personnel only need to follow the prompts in the information to install the air duct accurately, conveniently and quickly. in place.


- Outstanding Features of Round Ducts:

1. Better sealing: the spiral bite will hardly produce air leakage, and compared with the rectangular air duct, the circular air duct has fewer connection points, which further reduces the possibility of air leakage and achieves better energy saving and thermal insulation effect. .

2. Better strength and rigidity: Compared with the rectangular shape, the circular shape has greater strength, stronger pressure resistance, further increased service life, and reduced maintenance costs.

3. Small ventilation resistance: the wind resistance of the circular air duct is smaller than that of the rectangular air duct, which has a better green energy-saving performance.

4. Easy installation: Compared with rectangular air ducts, the installation of circular air ducts is easier. The "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering" GB50243-2002 also points out that for rectangular air duct hangers with a long side size greater than 400mm The spacing is 4m, and the spacing of the spiral circular duct is extended to 5m.

5. Lower production cost: when the air duct is a small-diameter air duct, the difference is not big, but when the large-diameter air duct is used, the production cost of a round square duct is much lower than that of a rectangular air duct.



Based on the above advantages, it can be concluded that the assembled metal circular lined thermal insulation air duct is especially suitable for large-scale space projects, such as railway stations, airports, large shopping malls, subways, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, etc.

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