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Ventilation Ducting

Ventilation Ducting


Ventilation Ducting

Ducts are conduits used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air in the particular area or building. Ducts also deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air. Air ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort. Ventilation ducting is use in a wide variety of setting including industrial, high rise building, car park basement, kitchen, warehouse and etc

Duct or ducting is pathway (passage or conduit) that allow the carriage and delivery of air ventilation, air conditioning, heating or cooling system (also known as HVAC). Ducting helps very much in air supply, air suction. It acts as a stabilizer of temperature and air quality upgrader, providing comfort to industrial, commercial and residential user. A complete ductwork (or duct system) involves planning from the existing layout, resizing it, optimizing the existing space with saved resources as well as controlled pressures losses.

Ducting Materials

Ducting fabricator in Malaysia can generally make duct system formed by different materials such as galvanized steel, fabric ducting, flexible ducting, aluminium, polyurethane and phenolic insulation panels (pre-insulated air ducts), waterproofed duct as well as fiberglass duct board (preinsulated non-metallic ductwork). Every kind of ducting material has different functionality, hence, ducting system should be designed and custom made in order to fit the user’s requirement.

Galvanized steel

Zinc coated based galvanized steel ducting allows no painting cost and rust-free, this is one of the most standard classic material widely offered by ducting supplier in Malaysia. In order to have insulation feature, this kind of metal duct often equipped with fibreglass lining or alternatively, wrapped by fiberglass blankets externally. One to two inches thickness of fibreglass forming the inner perforated liner when double walled ducting is required. It is usually fabricated in rectangular shape by ducting specialist in Malaysia, four inches joints will be coupled with the duct system just to ensure convenience in handling. There is also round shaped ducting system in the industry where continuous spiral forming machine is the one that manufacture it, the length and diameter are fabricate-able with today’s machinery so it is able fit-to-need.

Why Galvanized Steel Duct?

  • A non-porous      surface that can be cleaned easily

  • The smooth metal      makes it an unfriendly environment for biological contaminants.

  • Long-lasting and      durable, especially when proper maintenance has been carried out on a      regular basis.

  • Would not collect      dust as easily.

  • More rigid compared to some other materials.




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