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Central Air Conditioning VS Central Fresh Air

Central Air Conditioning VS Central Fresh Air


Central Air Conditioning VS Central Fresh Air

A few years ago, central air conditioning and fresh air systems were only high-end home improvement options in some villa areas, but now they have become the choice for many families, especially in northern cities. However, the public's cognition of its function is still quite limited, and the most common one is the confusion of the two concepts.

This happens because the two do have a lot in common: the air outlets are concealed at the top of the room. Its core functions are related to indoor air... So what is the difference between the two? This article starts from the core function to interpret this problem for you.


Core function difference: temperature adjustment VS fresh air exchange

Central air conditioner: indoor temperature adjustment

In the final analysis, the central air conditioner is also a kind of air conditioner. The core function is to adjust the indoor temperature. Its concept corresponds to the "split air conditioner" for households.

Advantages of central air conditioning: high comfort, good energy-saving effect, and strong integrity. The central air conditioner adopts the "one-to-many" design of one outdoor unit + multiple indoor units, which can easily achieve a balanced temperature in each room of the whole house, and the product has strong integrity, concealed and beautiful installation, and better energy-saving effect; for multi-room For large-scale users, central air conditioning is the best choice for adjusting the indoor temperature.

However, the function of the central air conditioner is limited to the adjustment of indoor temperature. Although there is also a return air outlet, it cannot be exchanged with indoor air. To achieve the effect of indoor and outdoor air circulation without opening the window, the intervention of the fresh air system is required.


Fresh air system: indoor and outdoor air replacement

The core function of the fresh air system is the replacement and convection of indoor and outdoor air. When we turn on the air conditioner, we often need to close the doors and windows. The accumulation of carbon dioxide concentration and insufficient oxygen concentration in the closed space are prone to problems, and the fresh air system solves this problem. the best choice.

In fact, in most parts of Europe, the fresh air system has become the standard of the house. In 2000, the European Union unified the residential ventilation standard, and the fresh air system has become an inevitable choice for buildings. Compared with natural ventilation, the fresh air system has a larger amount of air exchange, and the ventilation is in and out. The airflow organization is scientific, reasonable and orderly, and the ventilation effect is better.

In addition, most of the fresh air systems on the market currently have an air purification function. While achieving indoor and outdoor air circulation, they can also intercept and adsorb pollutants in the outdoor air, effectively improving indoor air quality.

Through the distinction of the core functions of the two, we can see that although the central air conditioner and the fresh air system solve indoor air-related problems, their core application demands are completely different. For users, the functions of both are crucial important and irreplaceable.


Two Choices and Common Q&A

1. Is the central air conditioner suitable for my home?

A: Central air conditioning is not suitable for all households. The editor believes that for users with ultra-small units (<70) or low floor heights (<2.7m), it is not recommended to install central air conditioners. In addition, installing central air conditioners below 2.7 meters will make the space too depressing.

The central air conditioner adopts embedded installation. Generally, the design, planning and construction are carried out simultaneously with the decoration. Drilling, drilling and laying pipelines are all necessary steps. If your home has just been decorated, then there is no need to install the central air conditioner.

2. What is the difference between the principle of central air conditioning and fresh air system?

Answer: The operating principle of the fresh air system is to use the power of the fan, and the technology of ducting and exhausting, to connect the outdoor air, form a circulation, and organize the movement of the indoor air flow, thereby improving the indoor air quality.

The central air conditioner uses the power of the fan to form an indoor air circulation. The air passes through the cold source in the air conditioner or the heat source to absorb or dissipate heat, change the temperature, and send it into the room to get the comfortable temperature that people want.

3. Can central air conditioning and fresh air system be combined into one?

A: So far, there is no household device on the market that can perfectly integrate the functions of air conditioning and fresh air. Previously, some central air conditioner manufacturers have launched some air conditioners with fresh air function. But this kind of air conditioner is not recognized by the market because of the "poor performance of fresh air".

The main function of an air conditioner is to adjust the temperature. Its function of bringing fresh air is that when the indoor and outdoor control temperatures form different pressure levels, the fresh air enters the room; once the indoor and outdoor pressures reach a balance or are higher than the outdoor, the fresh air stops. Therefore, the fresh air volume is difficult to control, and the indoor and outdoor ventilation rate is less than 20%, which is also the origin of its name as "fake fresh air".

4. Can pipes and air outlets be shared?

Answer: The refrigerant (water or freon) is used in the pipes (water pipes) of the air-conditioning system, while the air is used in the pipes (air pipes) of the fresh air system, so the pipes of the two systems cannot be shared.

In order to prevent cross-contamination, it is also recommended not to share the air outlets of air conditioners and fresh air, but they can be cleverly arranged in the ceiling. The air outlet of the air conditioner is opened according to the actual outlet size of the indoor unit, while the outlet of the fresh air is smaller and the layout is more flexible. It is best to install the two systems together, which is conducive to the layout of the best pipelines, and it is convenient to design the position of the ceiling and the hole in the wall.

5. What is the difference between the air outlet of the air conditioner and the fresh air?

Fresh air system outlet: Simply put, it is to send fresh air to the room.

Fresh air system exhaust port: Simply put, the dirty air is exhausted to the outside through the fresh air fan.

Central air-conditioning air outlet: It is to send cold or warm air to the room.

Central air-conditioning return air outlet: sucks the dirty air back and forms an overall circulation with the supply air to ensure the cooling and heating effect.

6. Is it necessary to install a fresh air system if the central air conditioner is installed in the home?

A: It is necessary. The central air conditioner only solves the indoor temperature adjustment, and does not have the function of ventilation; while the fresh air system can provide users with fresh air, and its purification module can also provide a certain air purification effect. The two complement each other to ensure the comfort and health of the indoor environment.

7. Which fresh air system is suitable for my home?

A: The fresh air system is divided into two categories: ducted fresh air and ductless fresh air. The applicable groups also have distinct characteristics.

Like the central air conditioner, the ducted fresh air also needs to be designed and planned before the decoration, and its installation is carried out simultaneously with the house decoration. After the installation is completed, the air duct adopts a hidden design, which will not destroy the interior decoration style; this type of fresh air system is suitable for Users who plan or are in the process of renovation. For construction team, a well-functioned duct board cutting machine is very helpful and efficient in the process of ductwork fabrication, which VENTECH is specialized in. Welcome to check!

The installation of the ductless fresh air system is relatively simple. It is only necessary to open the exhaust hole on the wall and then fix the machine on the wall. The installation is convenient and the amount of engineering is small. For users who cannot install the ducted fresh air system during decoration That said, it's a good compensation plan.


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