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VENTECH in Big 5 Exhibition 2021

VENTECH in Big 5 Exhibition 2021


From September 12 to September 15, 2021, our company participated in the Dubai BIG 5 exhibition, booth number 3F141. At the booth, we displayed our self-produced and sold machines for HVAC parts and ducts production through TV and posters. Affected by the epidemic, although the flow of people has been less than in previous years, the enthusiasm of buyers has not diminished, inquiring and negotiating at various exhibition booths.


Thanks to the support of new and old customers, our business talks at the exhibition are progressing very smoothly. Due to rising freight costs and other reasons, many more equipment inquiries have been made this year. The most popular equipment is phenolic panel cutting machine (for pre-insulated duct production), plastic bush assembly machine, square diffuser clamping machine, etc. Phenolic panel cutting machine specializes in the production of composite air ducts. The precise cutting patterns are complete and are well received by major manufacturers. The plastic bush assembly machine solves the problem of large labor consumption and time-consuming of double/ single deflection grille. Square diffuser clamping machine helps small and medium-sized tuyere manufacturers solve the problem of production bottlenecks.


We will continue to study technology, improve the performance of existing equipment and develop more new equipment to help more manufacturers solve the production problems of HVAC PARTS AND ducts.


The exhibition is still going on, all customers are welcome to come to inquire.

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