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Features and advantages of composite air duct

Features and advantages of composite air duct


The pre-insulated duct board(PIR, Phenolic)is produced by mechanization machine, the surface is smooth and flat, which improves the efficiency of air conveying, and the air leakage rate is only 10% of that of the iron sheet air duct. No matter in the production, production, installation, or in the process of use, no substances harmful to the environment are produced, no rust, no mold, no dust accumulation, no dust and fibers of the glass fiber duct, no peculiar smell; low thermal conductivity, Excellent thermal insulation performance; good sound insulation and sound absorption performance, no noise generated when the iron air duct or galvanized air duct shrinks and expands. It is non-combustible, flexurally resistant, pressure resistant, fast construction, low cost, and has a service life of up to 20 years.

One; the face type blows out the wind, the air volume is large, and there is no blowing feeling. The system adopts the unique air outlet mode of the whole pipe wall fiber permeable air and microporous jet. The air outlet area is large, the air volume is large, the wind speed is low, there is no blowing feeling, and the comfort is excellent.

2. The overall air supply is evenly distributed. The system blows out air through the fiber gaps in the entire pipe wall or evenly distributed rows of small holes designed, and the air distribution is uniform at every point, realizing a truly ideal overall uniform air supply.

Three; anti-condensation. The South system penetrates the cold air through the entire pipe wall fiber, forming a cold air layer outside the pipe wall, so that there is almost no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pipe wall, completely solving the problem of condensation and eliminating the need for pipe insulation.

Four; beautiful and high-end, diverse colors, outstanding individuality. A variety of colors can be harmonious with any indoor environment style, simple and high-end. At the same time, the system and color are completely personalized and customized.

Five; light weight, the roof load is negligible. The system is woven from special fibers and has a very light weight, about 1/40 of the traditional metal wind system. It is especially suitable for places where the roof has no load-bearing capacity.

Six: The system runs quietly and improves the environmental quality (the system has a soft material, low wind speed during operation, does not produce and transmits resonance, is quiet, and improves the environmental quality).

Seven; installation is simple, shorten the engineering cycle. The South system adopts a special supporting steel rope or aluminum rail suspension device system, which is simple and fast, and the installation time is often more than 1/10 of the traditional system, which greatly shortens the engineering cycle. Nine; Flexible installation and reusable. The whole system is made of soft materials, and there is no need for trim calibration during installation. When in use, it will not be as easily scratched, dented, and leaked like a metal pipe system, and the system suspension device is flexible, easy to install, and reusable. It is best in various places that require temporary ventilation. choose.


Energy saving

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance (NT-I) The composite wind pipe is directly compounded with thermal insulation materials, and the thermal resistance is much greater than that of traditional wind pipe thermal insulation materials of the same thickness, and no second heat preservation is required. The low thermal conductivity of the air duct can not only avoid the condensation of water vapor in the air treatment system, but also reduce the energy loss of the duct wall. The heat preservation performance is excellent, and the operating cost of the HVAC system is effectively reduced.

2. Good airtight performance (NT-I) The composite air duct is all made of glued joint structure, without flange connection, which greatly improves the airtight performance of the air duct. Compared with the iron sheet air duct, the air leakage of the bite and flange is reduced, the air leakage rate of the air duct is effectively reduced, and the air conveying efficiency is improved. The air leakage rate of the composite duct is only 10% of that of the iron duct.

3. Extremely low wind resistance performance (NT-I) The composite wind pipe sheet is produced by mechanization, the surface is smooth and flat, the friction coefficient is small, the wind resistance is low, and the absolute roughness of the surface of the wind pipe is 0.2mm. The air flow efficiency is significantly better than that of the iron sheet air duct, which can ensure that the air flow passes through with the lowest energy consumption.

Environmental friendly

1. High-quality environmentally-friendly products (NT-I) composite air ducts are a new type of green and environmentally-friendly building materials. The company follows the product production cycle assessment (LCA) idea, from raw materials, process formulas, energy consumption and emission products in the production process. Effective environmental protection measures have been taken in terms of additional collection, and the air duct does not produce substances that pollute the environment whether it is produced, manufactured, installed, or used. The formaldehyde emission is less than 0.1mg/L. Even when the air duct is burned, the smoke it produces does not contain toxic substances and is harmless to the human body. The product quality is stable and reliable, and it is a new generation of high-quality environmentally friendly products. The surface of the product is covered with a high-strength protective film, which effectively solves the secondary pollution caused by on-site construction.

2. Improve indoor air quality (NT-I) The inner wall of the composite air duct is coated with an antibacterial and mildew-proof isolation medium, which effectively inhibits the growth and reproduction of various microorganisms in the air duct, and avoids the airflow in the air duct from being polluted, and does not rust or mold, No bacteria, fungi, no dust and fiber, no odor, no granular, gaseous pollutants or biological aerosol, to ensure indoor air quality.

3. Noise reduction, creating a quiet space (NT-I) The composite air duct has good sound insulation performance, and its thermal insulation material has shock absorption and sound absorption properties at the same time, which can reduce the noise generated by air flutter and mechanical operation, and completely solve the iron sheet air duct. Noise from contraction and expansion. Moreover, it can prevent the transmission of sound between rooms through the air duct, and ensure the privacy of each room.




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