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Thanks for the continued trust and supporting from our clients!

Thanks for the continued trust and supporting from our clients!


With the support of customers in various regions, the total sales volume of our phenolic duct board cutting machines in 2021 will reach 82 units, doubling the sales volume during the epidemic period in 2020.


Because we have been working in pre insulated ductwork industry for a long time, we have gradually found out the market demand. In terms of supply, there are routers that are relatively easy to generate dust, simple vibrating knife cutting machines based on the premise of reducing mechanical costs, and models with good mechanical performance but not smart enough software. The above models are relatively cheap but each has shortcomings. Before VENTECH's in-depth research, there were only one or two European models independently developed by their own brands on the market that could really achieve efficient typesetting and cutting, but the price was very expensive and prohibitive.


Phenolic ducts board cutting is becoming more and more popular in the market, more and more manufacturers need to solve the problem of mass production, and there is a shortage of professional engineers, and models with high automation and high cost performance are even rarer. As a result, we have worked hard on both machinery and software. Not only the machine takes into account the high-speed cutting production of straight and special-shaped ducts, but also the software has been upgraded to meet the actual needs of users in terms of library and automatic layout. It is safe and efficient, saving time and manpower and other elements.


As a result, our sales are getting better and better, and our customers are getting rave reviews. We also provide good after-sales service and patiently answer customers' questions, so customers have given us a lot of praise and encouragement. We will continue to work hard to continuously innovate products and improve service quality, and supply more good models to customers.


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duct board cutting machines

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