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How to cut insulation

How to cut insulation


How to cut insulation

Cutting Fiberglass Insulation

One of the most popular ways to keep a home warm and cool is fiberglass insulation. The material is inexpensive, easy to find, and very dense. But it’s very spongy, so you may be a little confused on how to cut it. It is a very abrasive material that requires sharp blades and some safety gear, such as a dust mask and glasses. But you can cut sheets of insulation safely and efficiently by using some tools.

Tools Required: work gloves, straight edge, utility knife

Materials Required: Fiberglass batt insulation

Step 1 Please use a full sheet of plywood or subfloor to cut the insulation on in order to protect the floor.

Step 2 Use a straight edge to cut the fiberglass insulation. This helps to cut the material evenly.

Step 3 Using an extendable utility knife, draw the blade toward you along the straight edge. With even downward pressure and a sharp blade, it should cut a perfectly square, clean edge.


Cutting Pre-insulated PIR/PU/Phenolic Ducts

The pre-insulated duct system is like no other insulated ducting. It is the most advanced and innovative system available in the world. It is a proven, easy, innovative product providing a new perspective in the field of air distribution.

insulated ducting cutting

The construction of PIR Pre-insulated duct is accomplished by following a standard procedure. The process is similar regardless of what shapes and sizes you want to cut. It includes tracing, cutting, gluing, folding, taping, flanging&reinforcement and sealing. This job is normally done be at least 2 persons by using hand tools.

ductwork insulation cutter

        However, there is a new and fast way to fabricate PIR Pre-insulated duct. That is by using a pre-insulated duct making machine. A pre insulated duct making machine is a CNC duct fabrication machine that cuts the duct boards precisely. Pre insulated duct making machine is fully automatic and ECO Fast CNC machine. It is manufactured with the latest technologies. They cut straight and special parts from insulation panels, used in the fabrication of pre-insulated HVAC ductwork and duct & pipe insulation.

pre-insulated duct making machine

Here is how the pre insulated duct making machine works.  All phenolic panels can be nested to maximise sheet usage and reduce material cost. A simple click of the mouse of the pre insulated duct making machine, it transforms the nested files directly to CNC Routing Machine ready for processing. Once the pre insulated duct making machine receives the program the components are then produced exactly to specification whether it is a simple "one off" or mass production.

pre insulated duct making

The pre insulated duct making machine permits to obtain finished pieces for ducts in pre-insulated. You don’t have to do hand operations and bendings anymore. The parts after cutting are ready to be folded and glued. The standard pre insulated duct making machine is completed with a large quantity of accessories and devices dedicated to reduce the production time and generate the best quality of finished product.

Except for phenolic duct panel cutting, other applications include: routing and V-grooving aluminum-polymer composite material, fibreglass (fiberglass) insulation, PVC, PU, PIR foam duct panels for air conditioning and HVAC system.




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