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Central air condition outlet and production equipment machine

Central air condition outlet and production equipment machine


1) The double louver tuyere is generally used as a tuyere, and it can also be used directly with the fan coil. It is widely used at the end of central air-conditioning system. It can also be used in conjunction with a split multi-leaf control valve to adjust the air volume.

(2) The air outlet of the single-layer blinds can be adjusted up and down, the return air outlet can be combined with the air outlet filter, the fan angle is adjustable, and there are ABS plastic fixing brackets between the blades. When cleaning, the fixed filter can be taken out of the slide, and after cleaning, it can be pushed in from the slide to continue using.

(3) The fixed strip air outlet is used for heating and cooling in the air conditioning system, and can be installed on the side wall or ceiling.

(4) The self-hanging louver outlet is automatically exhausted in the positive pressure air-conditioned room. Under normal circumstances, the louvers of the tuyere will naturally sag due to its own weight to isolate the air exchange between indoor and outdoor. When the indoor air pressure is greater than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow is blown toward the blinds and discharged outward. Conversely, when the indoor air pressure is less than the outdoor air pressure, the airflow cannot be reversed. When flowing into the room, the tuyere has a one-way inspection function.

(5) Square Diffusers are commonly used air outlets in air conditioning systems. They have uniform diffusion characteristics and a simple and beautiful appearance. It can be made into a square or rectangle according to the requirements of use, which can meet any ceiling decoration requirements. The inner core part of the diffuser can be separated from the outer frame for easy installation and cleaning. The rear part can be equipped with a tuyere regulating valve to control and adjust the air volume. It is suitable for broadcasting rooms, hospitals, theaters, classrooms, concert halls, libraries, amusement halls, theater lounges, general offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and gymnasiums. In order for people to avoid noise interference and discomfort in various environments, in addition to determining the neck wind speed according to the performance table, it is also necessary to consider the installation height and installation occasion.

(6) The spherical adjustable air outlet is a spout type air outlet. The high-speed air flows through the nozzle of the valve body and sends the air to the specified direction. In the cone-shaped space with the apex angle of 35°, the air jet direction can be easily adjusted. The gas flow can also be adjusted by the degree of valve opening and closing. It is used for high-speed air supply or local cooling on the top floor of high-rise buildings such as airport terminals, indoor stadiums, and hotel kitchens.

(7) The swirl jet flows out from the tuyere, which has the characteristics of large induction ratio and fast wind speed decay. It can be used in occasions with large air volume and large temperature difference in the air-conditioning ventilation system to reduce the number of air outlets. It can be installed on the ceiling or ceiling, and can be used in low spaces within 3 meters. The two heights can also be used for large-area air supply, and the height can even reach more than 10 meters.


VENTECH automatic square diffuser assembly machine

It is developed and produced by VENTECH, which is specially used to manufacture and assembly square air diffusers.

How to Use the machine:

1. Put the square diffuser inner core into the mold one by one

2. Automatic feeding to the diffuser cores into the machine

3. The machine assemble automatically by clamping the pipes behind the diffuser in one time

4. Take out the finished square diffuser


Machine features:

1. Compared with manual production, automated production greatly improves production efficiency. At least 500-600 sets of square diffusers can be produced in 8 hours, double quantity compared with manual production.

2. The operation is simple, no need skilled workers, which can save labor costs and time effectively.

3. Automated production can improve product quality and make products more beautiful.


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