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Welcome to VENTECH Factory in Yingde

Welcome to VENTECH Factory in Yingde


Welcome to VENTECH Factory in Yingde

On Jan 14th, 2022. Our machinery sales department went to our factory in Yingde, Guangdong, China. Wish everyone that is reading this passage would come and join us on the tour in the future. We will show you our hospitality, and professionalism of over 15 years HVAC manufacturing experience.


A brief introduction of our company:

In 2006, VENTECH established factory and focus on Central A/C outlet manufacturing.

➢ In 2012, cooperated with more than 200 companies in foreign markets, mainly in Middle East, Europe, Russia and South-east Asia.

➢ In 2015, VENTECH began machinery equipment business with technical R&D team.

➢ In 2016, established factory of machinery and customized solutions with our technical team.

➢ In 2020, VENTECH machines are sold to North America, Europe, Middle East and South-east Asia.

Also, VENTECH set up production line for Insulated Sheet.

➢ Factory Floor Area: 40,000 , with 200-300 employee.


In our company, we currently have 3 sales departments, 1 for automatic machinery, 1 for air grille diffuser, 1 for air duct sheet and A/C. For any requirement in HVAC industry, you can find our corresponding sales replying you in time and assisting you with patience and enthusiasm. So don’t hesitate to reach out. We will always be at your service.


Air duct cutting machine:

Our main product is pre-insulated duct cutting machine. As long as you are handling ductwork fabrication, especially pre insulated ductwork, you are most welcome to check with us for the demonstration of our intelligent machine. You will surely be impressed. Currently we have 3 types of duct board cutters for sales, which are for phenolic & PIR & PUR board, metal sheet, fiberglass & insulation materials.

The technician team made great effort on the R&D of our pre-insulated duct cutting machine, which will always be our pride. You can see the bright shine of the machine and the exquisite craft on it. We have 5 sets of straight cutting head and 1 shaped cutting head on both sides of the beam, which will provide you with fast and accurate ductwork cutting. With the vacuum pump system under the table, the raw material can be fixed on the table without any roller trace or clamping tools scratch on it. You can find clean cutting edge and clean production site that a router cannot provide you with. We’ve put huge technique and investment on the programming of pre-insulated duct cutting machine. If you have interest, our team will be most glad to introduce to you about it.

For the many types of metal sheet, we can provide you with laser cutting machine. The machine uses fiber laser to cut metal sheet fast and clean without contacting the materials or causing rouge edges. With high quality components, we can make sure you have the best performing laser cutting machine.

In HVAC industry, thermal materials are also used frequently. For these kind of materials, we have fiberglass insulation cutting machine for you. Machine can cut all these heat reservation foam materials into the programmed shapes. We have many sizes and accessories for your option. The automatic feeding table can surely satisfy your requirement of cutting long rolling materials.


Air outlets fabrication machine:

Besides cutting machine for air ducts, we also provide the whole production line and solution for diffuser and grille. As expert manufacturer of air outlets, we have over 15 years producing experience. Together with the equipment, we can share our experience with you to assist you on the production if you are freshly starting the projects.

For air outlets machinery, we can provide you with solution of traditional production craft as an easy and appropriate starting point; we can also off you self-developed intelligent machine to help increase efficiency. There are: 45 degree cutting machine, aluminum grille diffuser welding machine, diffuser assembly machine, grille blade cutting machine, grille plastic bush automatic feeding machine, etc.

As a manufacturer of air outlets, we deeply understand the whole investment could be giant. In this case, we would help you from every aspect to save your cost and make sure you could upgrade step by step during the production practice.


We sincerely hope we can provide you with machinery that are of highest quality and best performance, and you would be content and satisfied with our products and services.

As Chinese New Year is in the corner, we hereby wish you the best luck in the year of Tiger. Wish good health for you and your family. Wish you a prosperous business.

You are always welcome!

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