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Automatic welding solution

Yingde Ventech Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the design, manufacture, marketing and technical service of robotic welding machine and automation production lines. We have a professional mechanical and electrical automation design team and experts who have been engaged in the field of welding robots for many years. We have mature experience and high level in the research and development, manufacturing, debugging, operation and maintenance of robot welding workstations and welding robot automation system production lines. Obtained many national patents in application technology.


The company's philosophy is to cultivate first-class robot welding technical talents in the field of welding robots; provide excellent welding robot products and technical services; and help customers in the welding manufacturing industry become successful enterprises. We continue to meet new challenges and insist on providing customers with first-class welding robot machine automation products, automated welding technology, overall customized solutions and fast and professional technical services to help customers improve their core competitiveness and achieve success.





Compared with the difficulties faced by workers in welding, such as difficulty in recruiting workers, high cost, low efficiency, and unstable quality, fully automated welding has the following advantages:

  • Greatly reduce the recruitment cost of enterprises, easy maintenance, and extremely low management costs.
  • One-time investment, one to two years of return on capital, and then free skilled labor.
  • Work 24 hours a day, welding output is more than 3 times that of workers.
  • The welding consistency is good and the welding quality is very high.


The fully automatic welding machine is composed of sophisticated and sensitive robots with different specifications of welding machines. We can customize welding solutions that can be applied in different occasions according to various product information and production requirements provided by customers.

Thin plate welding robot

Automatic thin plate welding



Carbon steel / stainless steel / galvanized sheet



1. For thin plates, short welds, sheet metal.

2. High speed welding, low spatter.

3. Lightweight and energy-saving.

4. Strong gap overlapping ability, insensitive to dry elongation, etc.

Automatic low spatter welding



Carbon steel / stainless steel / galvanized sheet



1. Ultra-low spatter welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, and galvanized sheet.

2. The heat input is obviously reduced, the welding sheet is easy to control, and the deformation is small.

3. Fully digital system to realize precise control of droplet transition.

4. Digital and analog interfaces.

Medium thick plate welding robot

Medium thick plate welding


Carbon steel / stainless steel / galvanized sheet



1. Strong and durable, energy saving.

2. Unified adjustment.

3. Constant penetration control function.

4. Convenient and adjustable arc characteristics

5. Concentrated arc, strong penetration and small thermal deformation.

6. Rich and easy-to-set internal functions.

Thick plate welding
  (8mm +)

  Carbon steel


1. High current and high duty cycle.

2. Sturdy and durable, low failure rate.

3. Unified adjustment, constant penetration control function, adjustable   arc characteristics.

4. Concentrated arc, strong penetration.

5. Rich and easy-to-set internal functions, expert parameters.

6. Comes with positioning.

Automatic TIG Welding robot

Occasions with lower requirements


1. DC, DC pulse.

2. 5-300 / 400A, wide current range, stable arc starting and welding arc.

3. The teaching current cannot be set by the teaching pendant, and the   parameters cannot be adjusted automatically during welding.

4. Plate thickness 1.0-16mm carbon steel, stainless steel.

Occasions with lower requirements


1. DC, DC pulse, digital welding machine.

2. Welding current can be set on the teach pendant, and variable   parameters during welding.

3. 5-300A / 500A, excellent arc starting performance, stable arc.

4. Plate thickness 0.6-10mm carbon steel, stainless steel.

5. Easy operation, accurate control of forming and welding, small heat   input.

6. Miniaturization and light weight.

Special occasion


1. AC / DC pulse, digital welding machine.

2. For occasions with higher requirements, aluminum and non-ferrous   metals can also be welded.

3. Plate thickness 0.6-16mm carbon steel / stainless steel; 1.6-16mm   aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

4. Welding current can be set on the teaching pendant, and variable parameters   can be set during welding.

5. Filling wire, supporting wire feeding machine automatically   coordinate wire feeding function.

6. 5-300A, excellent arc starting performance, stable arc, easy control   of molten pool.

7. Forming and welding can be accurately controlled, heat input is small.

Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding

Aluminum and non-ferrous metals


1. Digital and analog communication.

2. The wire feeder has encoder feedback which is more stable and has   strong anti-interference.

3. Push-pull welding torch interface.

4. There is professional precise control of the droplet transfer.

5. Unique arc technology can achieve continuous and stable welding   quality.

6. Upgradable expert database.

7. Can be adapted to aluminum plates with thickness above 1.6mm.




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