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You need to understand this knowledge when purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-13

Hongte Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the popularity and use of fiber laser cutting machines, more and more industries use fiber laser cutting machines, which are favored by various enterprises. You must be careful when purchasing large-scale metal forming equipment such as fiber laser cutting machines. How to choose a fiber laser cutting machine correctly is a concern of various industries at present. Hongte fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers believe that purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine requires certain skills to consider from all aspects. Understand the various applications of fiber laser cutting machine in life. Fully meet the needs of use, improve work efficiency, equipment can run for a long time, manpower, material resources, maintenance costs and other comprehensive costs. With the correct method, properly maintain the hardware, extend its service life and reduce costs.

1. Preparation before purchase:

A preliminary understanding of the basic common sense of fiber laser cutting machine material, structure, power size and format; choose the corresponding fiber laser cutting machine according to the cost budget; do not blindly recognize the brand or just ask for a cheap price.

2. Comprehensive understanding at the time of purchase:

To systematically and comprehensively consider the fiber laser cutting machine; comprehensively evaluate the equipment brand, price, performance, after-sales service potential (maintenance capability, spare parts reserve and accessories), brand awareness, machine efficiency, use effect and after-sales service Service etc.

3. The reasonableness of the price. After understanding the basic structure and core data of the equipment, it will not only be affected by the price, but the expensive one will not be better; it is just because the price is cheaper that you may pay more in the future. many.

4. Spare parts storage, fiber laser cutting machine will inevitably fail during use. Without spare parts, it will be difficult for suppliers to provide after-sales service. To know the price of accessories, whether there are alternatives, buy cheap equipment, and accessories are expensive, so the price is not cheap.

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