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With a laser cutting machine, everyone is a creator

by:VENTECH     2022-02-16

Tools make the realization of ideas easier. Recently, the FLUX team launched a laser cutting machine called Beambox, which is not only easy to use, but also relatively affordable.

Beambox is divided into compact and professional models. The former has a power of 40W and a working area of u200bu200b400 x 375 mm; while the professional power has been increased to 50W, the working area has also increased by 50%. It reaches 600 x 375 mm.

Use it to create designs, or directly import JPG, PNG, SVG or DXF format files. Through the supporting software FLUX Studio, you can easily set the cutting laser, adjust the power level, and set the speed. Then, preview the effect of the final product through the camera, and after confirmation, you can press the start button to start the machine.

Beambox has powerful performance. Its laser can reach 500DPI accuracy in vector and raster modes, allowing you to make your own designs with high resolution, which can realize cutting and engraving of various materials.

With the advancement of technology, the price of laser equipment is no longer high, and more and more laser technology has entered people’s lives. The emergence of small laser cutting machines and engraving machines has brought more and more people Become a creator.

In the field of industrial manufacturing, laser cutting machines have also developed models suitable for different shapes and different sizes following the needs of users.

The plane, tube, large-format, three-dimensional laser cutting machines launched by Huagong Laser fully meet the needs of different cutting scenes, so that hard metals can also be reborn.

Various metal crafts made by laser cutting machine

HuaGong Laser has accumulated more than 40 years of laser cutting machine research and development technology and application experience. The laser cutting machine series products have a number of national technology patents, have won authoritative technology awards many times, powerful cutting ability, efficient cutting speed and superiority The stability is the secret of the success of HGlaser fiber laser cutting machine.

Hua Gong laser cutting machine series products

To be a creator, it is enough to own a laser cutting machine. Are you already eager to try?

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