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Window grille laser cutting machine, new year flavor

by:VENTECH     2021-12-29

As the New Year is approaching, it is time to buy window grilles again. All kinds of window grilles are wonderful. As a traditional folk art, window grilles have a long history and unique style. The custom of putting grilles on windows has a long history. Traditional window grilles are cut by hand, condensing the wisdom of the working people in ancient times. With the development of technology, manual paper-cutting is gradually replaced by machine cutting. Window grille laser cutting machine has become an emerging technology for window grille production.

There are various styles of grilles, such as dragons and phoenixes, blessed fonts, gourd lotus and other patterns. They are all auspicious and festive. They are suitable for different occasions such as Spring Festival, weddings and festivals. The application of window grille laser cutting machine makes the production of window grilles get rid of the traditional manual cutting speed and low efficiency. It makes the production of grilles in batches and laser paper cutting. The machine can cut out all kinds of patterns quickly and efficiently by importing graphic patterns into the computer, through software control, computer typesetting, various styles and everything. The edges of the window grilles cut by the laser paper cutting machine are smooth and flat, and the shapes are neat and consistent. The New Year adds a lot of flavor.

Recommended models

Window grille laser cutting machine is mainly used for window grille sticker cutting, suitable for plastic window grille cutting, non-woven window grille cutting, window grille sticker cutting Wait.

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