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Wide application of fiber laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-01-23

The most important and meaningful advantage of fiber laser cutting machine technology should be its energy efficiency. With fiber laser complete solid-state digital module and single design, fiber laser cutting system has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than carbon dioxide laser cutting. For each power supply unit of the carbon dioxide cutting system, the actual general utilization rate is about 8% to 10%.

For the laser cutting machine system, users can expect higher power efficiency, about 25% to 30%. In other words, the overall energy consumption of the fiber cutting system is about 3 to 5 times less than that of the carbon dioxide cutting system, which improves the energy efficiency to more than 86%.

Fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced equipment that can greatly improve labor productivity in sheet metal parts processing. It has high precision of processing parts, short processing cycle, and processing without the need for traditional stamping die replacement during processing. Complicated parts and other advantages have been adopted by more and more switchgear manufacturers.

Currently, the laser cutting machine is the result of current technological development. Now the laser technology is constantly developing and mature. It has been used in many industries. Fiber laser cutting machines are used in all walks of life. It is widely used because its high efficiency and high precision can meet the increasingly advanced processing requirements of all walks of life.

Fiber laser is a new type of laser device developed in recent years, and it is also one of the hotspot technologies in the field of optoelectronic information research at home and abroad. Due to its advantages in optical modes and service life, fiber lasers have become a representative of a new generation of solid-state lasers, which have been extensively studied and developed rapidly at home and abroad, and have broad development prospects.

Fiber laser cutting machine is a wonderful work in the development of laser technology. The rapid progress of fiber laser technology has also driven the development of fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine is faster, and the use cost is only 20%-30% of traditional equipment. Fiber laser can also reduce the use of lenses, greatly reducing production and maintenance costs.

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