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Why is the metal fiber laser cutting machine so loved by the company?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-23

In the current metal processing market, metal fiber laser cutting machines have basically gradually replaced CO2 laser cutting machines and traditional processing methods, and have become the mainstream equipment in sheet metal processing. So what are the advantages of metal fiber laser cutting machine over CO2 laser cutting machine? Why do more and more companies now like to use metal fiber lasers?

1. Luminous medium:

CO2 laser cutting machine: Gas is the medium that generates the laser beam, which transmits the beam through the mirror.

Metal fiber laser cutting: The transmission work is carried out through diodes and fiber optic cables. A laser beam is pumped by multiple diodes and then transmitted to the laser cutting head through a flexible fiber optic cable, instead of transmitting the beam through a mirror.

2. The appearance of the fiber laser cutting machine is compact:

Due to the different laser transmission structure, the fiber laser cutting machine with the same power in appearance and size is more compact than the CO2 laser cutting machine, thus saving workshop space.

3. Low maintenance cost of fiber laser cutting machine:

CO2 laser cutting machine uses gas as the luminous medium. Due to the purity of CO2 gas, the resonant cavity will be contaminated and needs to be cleaned regularly. The mirror needs to be maintained and calibrated, so the daily maintenance workload is heavy, so metal fiber laser cutting The input cost of the machine is relatively low.

4. The conversion efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting machine is high:

With fiber laser complete solid-state digital module and single design, fiber laser cutting machine has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than carbon dioxide laser cutting.

5. Good processing effect of fiber laser cutting machine:

Fiber laser has the characteristics of short wavelength, which improves the absorption of the cutting material to the beam, and enables cutting such as brass and copper as well as non-conductive materials. When cutting materials up to 6mm thick, the cutting speed of a 1.5kW fiber laser cutting machine is equivalent to that of a 3kW carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

Therefore, combining the advantages of the above metal fiber laser cutting machine, we can know why the metal fiber laser cutting machine can gradually replace the CO2 laser cutting machine and traditional processing methods. Moreover, many companies directly purchase metal laser cutting machines, and it is very easy to use!

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