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Why does the laser cutting machine have errors?

by:VENTECH     2022-01-10

Once it is found that the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine is not up to the standard, it is very likely that there is an error in the operation of the equipment, which causes the cutting quality to be down to the standard. Therefore, when it is found that there is an error in the cutting machine equipment, it must be adjusted in time to avoid greater loss. Then again, what are the reasons for the error of the equipment? 1. The workpiece geometric error is affected by various reasons. The surface of the object processed by the laser cutting machine is undulating, and heat will be generated during the cutting process. In this way, the surface of the thin plate part will be easily deformed, and the laser focus will also be generated due to the uneven surface The position and ideal position of the surface of the processed object change randomly. 2. Errors caused by the workpiece clamping device. The processed workpiece is placed on the needle-shaped worktable. Due to processing errors and long-term wear between the workpiece, the needle bed will be uneven, and this unevenness will also produce thin steel plates and lasers. Random error in position between focal points. 3. Errors caused by programming In the laser cutting machine processing process, the processing trajectory on the complex curved surface is fitted by straight lines, arcs, etc., these fitting curves and actual curves have errors, and these errors make the actual focus and the surface of the processed object The relative position and the ideal programming position produce errors. And some teaching programming systems will also introduce some deviations.   So the main reasons for the errors of the laser cutting machine are the above types. When you need to adjust the cutting machine equipment error, you can start with the above aspects first, so that you can quickly find the cause of the equipment error and deal with it.

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