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Why does the fiber laser cutting machine burn edges during processing?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-07

When laser cutting sheet metal parts, a lot of heat is generated, and the heat is not diffused in time, causing edge burning. In the processing of the small holes of the fiber laser cutting machine, the outside of the hole can be cooled, but the small hole inside the hole has a small space for heat diffusion and the heat is too concentrated, which may cause overburning, slagging, etc. In addition, in the cutting of thick plates, the molten metal accumulated on the surface of the material and the accumulation of heat generated during the perforation will cause the auxiliary airflow to be turbulent and the heat input will be excessive, which will cause overburning and cause the phenomenon of burnt edges.

Solution to burned edges of fiber laser cutting machine:

1. Solution to overburning when processing carbon steel: In carbon steel cutting with oxygen as auxiliary gas, the key to solving the problem lies in how to prevent the generation of oxidation reaction heat. It is possible to use auxiliary oxygen during perforation, and then switch to auxiliary air or nitrogen for cutting. This method can process small holes in 1/6 thick plates. The pulse cutting conditions of low frequency and high peak output power have the characteristics of reducing heat output, which is helpful for the optimization of cutting conditions. Setting the conditions to a single pulse laser beam, high peak output with high energy intensity, and low frequency conditions can reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the surface of the material during the perforation process and reduce the heat output.

2. Solution for processing aluminum alloy and stainless steel by fiber laser cutting machine: In this type of material processing, the auxiliary gas used is nitrogen, and edge burning will not occur during cutting. However, due to the material inside the small hole The temperature is very high, and the phenomenon of slagging on the inside is relatively frequent. The solution: increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas, and set the conditions to high peak output and low frequency pulse conditions. When the auxiliary gas uses air, it is the same as when using nitrogen. Overburning will not occur, but dross is prone to appear at the bottom. The conditions need to be set to high auxiliary gas pressure, high peak output, and low frequency pulse conditions.

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