Expert for pre insulated duct CNC cutting machine.

Welcome to YINGDE VENTECH INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. factory. Find the address on "Contact Us" page. We're glad to get you all over the world. We locate the mill in consideration of space to port, environmental conditions, etc. Our factory is encouraged by a team of well experienced and trained workers. Each manufacturing step controlled and is well tracked.

VENTECH has a small achievement in the field of automatic machine. The automatic machine series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The manufacture of VENTECH industrial automation is finished complying with a series of requirements. Important indicators of the product including allowance input voltage, electrical safety, and electricity-saving capability are in the stipulated limit. This product is safe enough to operate since it has no sharp edges. VENTECH INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT's quality and service is something of great value. This product is compatible with materials at different heights and widths.

Our company will actively foster sustainable practices. We have made progress in reducing waste gases, polluted water, and conserving resources.
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