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What issues should be considered when purchasing a laser cutting machine

by:VENTECH     2022-03-13

Hongte Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is actually a market with very high barriers to entry. You must keep your eyes open when buying equipment. Only when you are very familiar with the equipment you can buy equipment with guaranteed quality and quantity, even if you are buying and selling laser cutting machines for a long time. The boss sometimes loses his eyes, let alone Xiaobai who has just entered the industry.

But when we first entered the industry, whether it was for the purpose of testing the waters of the industry, or the funds in hand were really unable to turn around, the demand for second-hand equipment was real, so today we use laser cutting Take the purchase of a laser cutting machine as an example to talk about what issues should be considered when purchasing a laser cutting machine.

First, set your mindset

Don’t buy a laser cutting machine with the mentality of picking up leaks. Leaking is a probability event. If you buy equipment with this mentality, you will either miss the right equipment and delay the construction period, or you can barely buy it for profit. Suitable for their own equipment, or be defrauded of funds by using this mentality.

So the first priority for us to buy a laser cutting machine is to have a right attitude, firmly believe in the truth that you get what you pay for, and we must be vigilant in the face of equipment that is significantly lower than the market price.

Second, verify identity

The development of the network is very convenient now. Before the equipment is inspected on the spot, we can learn the basic information of some equipment in some ways.

For example, the contract, manual, after-sales, etc. when the equipment was purchased. If you accidentally lose it, we can also ask the seller to take a photo of the nameplate on the fuselage, mainly to understand the service life of the equipment and the source of the manufacturer. The service life and the source of the manufacturer are related to the quality and service life of the equipment, and naturally also closely related to our price.

Three. Field visits

We can watch the pictures, videos, etc. of the equipment through the network. After initial satisfaction, we need to do a field inspection and see the equipment with our own eyes.

First look at the appearance of the equipment, then look at the details of the equipment, check the degree of wear of the parts of the equipment, especially the important accessories, such as the cutting head of the laser cutting machine, lasers, motors, etc. If there are problems with these important accessories, buy them back Frequent failures, maintenance and replacement costs will undoubtedly increase our costs.

Four, boot inspection

Everything is almost done, and it is necessary to start the trial run.

Start normally, add materials, observe whether the equipment is operating normally, whether there is abnormal heating or abnormal noise, whether the production efficiency and quality meet the production requirements, etc.

Five. Sign the contract

The contract should include the equipment name, model, quantity, main parameters, scope of supply, price and payment method, the responsibilities of both parties, the method of compensation, etc. If unpleasant things happen in the future, at least we can take up legal weapons protect yourself.

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