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What is the focal position of the laser cutting machine? What's the difference?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-26

Laser cutting is the use of a focused high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece to quickly heat the material to the vaporization temperature and evaporate to form holes. As the light beam moves on the material, the hole continuously forms a narrow (such as 0.1 mm) cutting slit to complete the cutting of the material.

During the laser cutting process, the cutting torch does not touch the workpiece, and there is no wear. For processing parts of different shapes, there is no need to change the tool, just change the output parameters of the laser. The process has low noise, low vibration and no pollution. Compared with other thermal cutting methods, laser cutting has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and quality.

What are the focal positions of the laser cutting machine? What is the difference? Today, Hongte Laser Editor will introduce to you the three focal relationships of laser cutting machines.

Analysis of focus position and difference of laser cutting machine;

Laser cutting can be divided into four categories: laser vaporization cutting, laser melting cutting, laser oxygen cutting, laser cutting and controlled fracture. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. The laser cutting machine is a technological revolution in sheet metal processing and a processing center for sheet metal processing; the laser cutting machine has high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle, which has won a broad market for customers.

1. The focus of the laser cutting machine is on the surface of the workpiece

This is the most common focus position, also known as zero focal length, and is often used for cutting SPC/ Workpieces such as SPH/SS41. When in use, the focus of the laser cutting machine should be close to the surface of the workpiece. In this focus position, because the smoothness of the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece will be slightly different, the cut surface of the side close to the focus will be smoother. On the contrary, the cut surface of the side far from the focus will be rougher. In actual use, it often depends on the different process requirements of the upper and lower surfaces.

2. The focal point of the laser cutting machine is located in the workpiece

The focal position in the workpiece is called the positive focal length. Usually, the focus mode is used when cutting stainless steel or aluminum steel plate, so that the cutting focus is located Inside the workpiece. The main disadvantage is that the cutting range is relatively large. This mode often requires stronger cutting airflow, sufficient temperature and longer cutting and piercing time. Therefore, it can only be selected when cutting materials with higher hardness such as stainless steel or aluminum.

3. The focal point of the laser cutting machine is located on the workpiece

The focal position on the workpiece is called negative focal length, because the tangent point is neither on the surface of the workpiece nor inside the workpiece. It is above the cut material. When the focal position is used on the workpiece, the thickness of the sheet is relatively high. If the focus is not positioned in this way, it may result in insufficient oxygen delivered by the nozzle, resulting in a drop in cutting temperature and inability to cut the material. But there is a significant disadvantage that the cutting surface is rough and not suitable for precision cutting.

The above is the analysis of the difference in the focus position of the laser cutting machine. In the process of using the laser cutting machine, different focus modes can be selected according to the processing needs of different workpieces, giving full play to the performance advantages of the laser cutting machine and ensuring the cutting effect. Laser uses material excitation to generate light, which has a strong temperature. When contacting the material, it can quickly melt the surface of the material to form a hole, and cut according to the movement of the point. Therefore, compared with the traditional cutting method, this cutting method has a smaller gap and can save most of the material. However, according to the definition and analysis of the cutting effect, according to the material cut by laser, the cutting effect can be satisfied, the accuracy is high, and it inherits the advantages of laser and cannot be compared with ordinary cutting methods.

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