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What is the difference between a laser cutting machine and a traditional cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-02-28

Over time, the demand for laser cutting machines has also increased. Laser cutting equipment is a kind of high-power heavy industry equipment, and its good performance makes the follow-up work smoother and reduces the cost. Every industrialist or business owner must know the benefits of using laser cutting equipment to replace traditional cutting machine forming equipment. The following are some of the advantages of this equipment compared with traditional cutting machines:

The main reason for using laser cutting technology is to reduce the mechanical stress during the cutting of sheet metal parts. The laser not only eliminates the impact stress that may have an adverse effect on the sheet metal product during the cutting process, but the heating area is also very small. This means that other parts of the workpiece are only exposed to an environment with little or no heat, thus maintaining the properties of the processed material.

A high-quality cutting device is another amazing aspect of a laser cutting machine. Don't worry about cutting precision, working area precision, metal cutting post-processing. Therefore, it improves the quality of the finished product. And the processed metal surface has only small burrs at most. These burrs are even invisible and do not even need to be removed. However, for traditional metal cutting machines, the cutting process has many steps. Including product processing and cutting refining.

Laser cutting machine is also called precision cutting machine, which provides precision and quality within 0.1 mm, even higher on some machines. So the finished product is an example of high quality and high-end. In addition, once it is cut, no further processing of the equipment is required. It not only improves the product quality, but also saves the manufacturer's time. For traditional cutting machines, manual labor is very important. However, for the fiber laser metal cutting machine, all the technology is completed by the machine. Therefore, you do not need very skilled workers to design with laser cutting equipment. In addition, the comprehensive selection of new technologies and the Internet provides a larger range of laser cutting equipment. In this way, they can operate remotely and operate according to preset formulas, thereby achieving higher accuracy and better machine control.

In summary, compared with laser cutting machines, laser cutting machines have unprecedented advantages. Due to the fast speed of laser cutting equipment, almost no processing after processing, automatic options and fast cutting speed, it is more economical than any other cutting process.

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