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What are the tips for choosing a fiber laser cutting machine?

by:VENTECH     2022-03-13

Hongte fiber laser cutting machine

There are three purchase tips for fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers and brands:

Tip 1: Investigate from the manufacturer and brand awareness of fiber laser cutting machine

Nowadays, buying brands and well-known brands has become a consumer consensus. The reason is simple. They have been recognized by consumers and have become synonymous with quality and reputation. The same is true for buying fiber laser cutting machines. The benefits of choosing a well-known brand of fiber laser cutting machine equipment manufacturers are obvious.

Famous brand fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers have strong economic strength, have their own Ru0026D team, have strict standards for product materials and production processes, have detailed requirements for production equipment and supervision mechanisms, and provide services for the entire service. The process also has a complete assessment plan. On the contrary, small brands and small manufacturers generally have problems such as unstable capital chain, inadequate product control, imperfect service, later instrument maintenance, and difficulty in replacing consumables.

Therefore, it is a safe guarantee to buy fiber laser cutting machine and choose some well-known brands and manufacturers. If you buy a brand of fiber laser cutting machine equipment that you have hardly heard of in the market, and its popularity is very small, then it may be that you have bought an assembled fiber laser cutting machine, or some small company that has just started, in technology and products The quality will also be lacking.

In addition, many users are also very distressed whether to choose an imported brand or a domestic brand. In fact, in recent years, it is not difficult for us to find that domestic brands are rising rapidly, and more and more people prefer domestic products. In fact, for the fiber laser cutting machine, the quality of equipment developed and manufactured by some well-known domestic brand fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers is not inferior to imported brands. Compared with imported brands, domestic fiber laser cutting machines are more cost-effective. On the one hand, it is good quality and low price. On the other hand, the after-sales service is convenient and fast. Purchasing imported equipment, repairing and replacing parts, replacing the complete equipment, and replacing consumables is very troublesome. The overseas logistics and transportation alone are troublesome. There are other customs procedures, which are really time-consuming and costly.

Tip two: Inspect whether the manufacturer's technology, production hardware facilities and product technology meet the requirements

From the perspective of the development of the fiber laser cutting machine industry, everything that can be called a strong fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer basically has independent technology research and development capabilities, product creation capabilities, and after-sales service capabilities. And in terms of product production equipment, product technology, etc., they are all very advanced and exquisite. Those 'OEM' equipment, 'assembled' equipment, unmatched by unknown equipment companies.

In order to better lay out the market and expand the brand awareness of fiber laser cutting machine, well-known brand manufacturers will not be limited to the research and development of a small number of fiber laser cutting machine products, but will consume a lot of manpower, material resources, Time and funds are sufficient to conduct research on user needs, and develop and manufacture different types of fiber laser cutting machines to meet the needs of different regions and different groups of people. In addition, the product pricing is relatively reasonable and close to the value of the product. Although the value may not be too low, the product quality, technology, aesthetics, functions, and post-sales maintenance are the correct price to be paid.

A variety of dazzling smart technologies have appeared in the fiber laser cutting machine market, such as allowing users to scan QR codes to understand product instructions and so on. In fact, most of these technologies are a marketing method for small brands, and most of them are insignificant, and as real problem-solving technologies, they cannot be presented well. In the market, for some small brands with substandard technologies, product assembly companies often use false values u200bu200bto fool users. Therefore, users should carefully identify the key technologies of the product when purchasing products.

Tip three: Check whether the service system is perfect or not

There are three service links for general products, which are divided into pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. Pre-sales service and in-sale service are generally able to do this because they involve sales, but because of the cumbersome links and high cost of after-sales service, many small manufacturers are reluctant or unable to afford them. There are often users complaining that the manufacturers were enthusiastic and thoughtful before purchasing the fiber laser cutting machine, but they became indifferent after the purchase.

The fiber laser cutting machine equipment is not like other products, so you don’t need to think too much about the follow-up service after you buy it home. As a consumable equipment, the fiber laser cutting machine will not only cause damage to parts and machine failures, but also need to replace the filter element, gas nozzle, ceramic ring and other components regularly. When replacing the filter element, it will be very troublesome to call the manufacturer and no one will answer or the manufacturer closes down. It does not save money or worry, which makes people regretful.

The well-known fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers will establish a complete after-sales response mechanism. There are strict evaluation and supervision mechanisms for each link of pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales, and the user experience is very good. The after-sales service of fiber laser cutting machine products is basically one year, and the after-sales service time of less than one year requires special attention. In short, for users to purchase fiber laser cutting machine products, a sound service mechanism from the manufacturer is indispensable.

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